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How To Save Money By Buying Pre-Loved Bags From Japan

You can ask almost anyone, and they will say their designer bag is the best fashion purchase they ever made. A high-end bag can polish off any outfit and make you look luxurious no matter what you’re wearing. Sure, some designer trends might come and go, but beautiful designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, etc., are in it for the long haul. On an average budget, luxury bags might be entirely out of the question. That is how shopping from Japan can help you save money by buying authentic designer handbags, at lower prices.


Buying bags from Japan might lead you to some fashionable, vintage pieces that you might not be able to find anywhere else. But with such a dazzling array of high-end Japanese bags on the market, it can be hard to pick the perfect bag for you. That’s why we are here. We’ve previously introduced you to our favorite Japanese used clothing stores. Today, we’re going to guide you through how to save money by buying brand bags from Japan.

1. Decide what luxury bag you’re after

This can be tough for any first-time designer bag purchases or those just starting to resell. Here are five questions we advise you to ask yourself before you make the big splurge:


a. What are you mainly going to use your bag for?

If you’re going to use your designer bag as a work bag, travel bag, or an everyday bag, you will need to think of the general shape and size that suits your lifestyle. With the purpose of your bag in mind, we recommend you pick a sturdy material that will withstand daily wear and tear of your lifestyle. The last thing you want is a bag that is scratched and saggy after a couple of wears.

Handbag hanging on an arm of a woman


b. What quality are you after?

Designer bags come at different price points for various reasons. A bag made in factory costs typically 3x less than a handmade bag. We recommend that you read the product description of the bag you’re interested in carefully and double-check the quality. Make sure you also check where it is made, and the materials it is made out of, etc. If you’re looking to purchase a pre-loved bag, please don’t forget to doublecheck if there are any wear or tear. Please also note, as our site automatically translates item descriptions from Japanese to English, it may be quite hard to understand. If there is anything you’re unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our customer support. We are always willing to help you.


c. What colors do you normally wear?

Most people are looking for a designer bag that is wearable in all seasons and is wearable with most of the clothing that they wear. We recommend neutral colors that you love, for example nude, grey, or black, but it is entirely up to you. We highly recommend a color that you think would complement your personality, everyday outfits, and different styles.

Different colors of designer bags


d. What brands do you like?

Trends with brands come and go. 2018 was the year of Gucci and 2019 is the year where Balenciaga broke 1 billion euros. Although you may want to stay with the trends, when investing in an expensive handbag it is always best to think long-term. Try to avoid huge logos and go for a subtle classic design that will stand the test of time of fashion and as you grow as a person.


Designer bag brands gif


e. What is your budget?

Having a fixed budget of how much you’re willing to spend will help your hunt for the perfect Japanese luxury bag. We recommend that you avoid paying full price as much as you can and instead purchase high-quality luxury secondhand bags from Japan. This way, you will save even more money and might be able to buy multiple bags instead of just one.

Deciding which designer bag you want to invest in is hard, but it is necessary to start comparing prices as soon as possible.

2. Buy Pre-loved bags

Purchasing second-hand bags offer vast possibilities, but it is always essential to purchase pre-loved models from reputable sites since the internet has a lot of knockoffs.

This is where the little-known secret about Japan comes in to play. Tokyo is becoming the number one destination for luxury shopping, and the pre-owned luxury selling is booming. The main reason for this is that Japanese people take meticulous care of the things they acquire. When they sell something to second-hand stores, it is often in superb condition and is practically as good as new. As a result, Japan has some of the best second-hand designer bags at reasonable prices exciting tourists or sellers from all over the world. With ZenPlus you can shop the best thrift stores, and get your bag/s shipped worldwide. There are a few different types of second-hand stores on ZenPlus, but here is our favorite of them all:

Wonder Price


Wonder Price is one of the largest luxury store chains in Japan and currently has over thirty stores all over Japan. If designer items are your guilty pleasure, look no further than Wonder Price. What we love about Wonder Price is they have a very vast inventory featuring some of the most sought-after labels, including Hermes, Coach, Chanel. Fendi and Louis Vuitton.

What’s on offer: Bags, Accessories & Designer Clothing


Browse Wonder Price on ZenPlus


These stores all are affiliated with the Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution (AACD), so you can be 100% assured that all the products are genuine.


3. Purchase on ZenPlus

Shopping from Japan just became a lot easier with ZenPlus where you can purchase directly from some of the top Japanese secondhand stores. We take special care to put only authentic bags and wallets on our site. You can browse our current collection of high-quality bags and accessories here.


Save money by purchasing on ZenPlus! Yay!

And the best thing about it? We don't charge any fees, and you get 3% cashback on every purchase. Start finding what is so special about the world of pre-loved bags from Japan today. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and it helped you decide what type of bag you're looking for. We also hope you got a good idea of where to shop in Japan for designer bags. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by our social networks below.

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Article| 19/09/2019 | Fashionzenplus