For Saudi Arabia Customers: Address Requirement Updates Regarding Short Address

The new regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia require all customers sending parcels to Saudi Arabia to enter the "Abbreviated Address Code (Short Address)" for the recipient/sender to ensure faster delivery of shipments. This requirement affects anyone shipping to Saudi Arabia from within and outside Saudi Arabia.

To all our valued customers from Saudi Arabia, please make sure to include the four-letter, four-number Abbreviated Address Code (Short Address) to ensure delivery of your parcels and avoid returns to our warehouses in Japan.

This requirement is already in effect within Saudi Arabia, and in the future, this new format of National Address will be mandatory for all residents, citizens, and companies operating within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To avoid potential delays or re-shipping, please comply with the new requirements and ensure that your purchases from Japan reach your doorstep.



Where Should I Enter the Short Address?

While we have not yet received any official information about where to enter the short address for packages destined for Saudi Arabia, we advise our customers to enter the short address at the end of their shipping address.

When creating a new package in your account, please enter your full address as you would normally. After filling out your information in the Street Address field, add the short address at the end there.


"1-7-7 Osaka Sakaisuji L Tower 10F, AAAA1234"


What is National Address and Short Address?

The National Address is a system developed by Subul Company that aims to provide a unified and comprehensive addressing system for all regions, cities, and villages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The national addressing system consists of seven main components: short address code, building number, street name, secondary number, district name, postal code, and city name. 

Short Address is the first component in the National Address.


What is a Short Address?

The Short Address is the transformation of the traditional detailed address into a short code that is easy to remember. It consists of 4 letters (e.g. RHMA) and 4 numbers (building number e.g. 3184).

Short Address Components

The short address consists of the following basic parts (refer to the below image):

Four letters:
A. Region Code.
B. Branch Code.
C. Division Code.
D. Unique Code.
Four numbers:
F. Building number.

The goal of the short address is to facilitate and speed up the shipping process from outside and within Saudi Arabia, in addition to facilitating shipment management for senders, recipients, and shipping companies alike. The short address also contributes to better efficiency in delivering shipments and reducing parcel returns by 20%, according to the official Saudi Post website.

The short address is considered a major component of the national address for residents and citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as of September 2023, ZenMarket requires the short address for all shipments heading to Saudi Arabia.


What is My Short Address?

You can find out your short address through your account on the official Saudi Post SPL website, the Tawakkalna website, the Sihati website, or the Absher website.

For more details, please follow the instructions page for the short address/national address on the official Saudi Post SPL website here.

You don't have an account on the Subul website yet? You can register your free account to get your short address code from here.





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