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Zen Express: Standard - Exclusive Shipping Method [UPDATED OCTOBER 2022]

ZenMarket is excited to announce a brand new way to ship your items from Japan internationally!

Introducing Zen Express: Standard, a faster and more affordable way to ship small packages from Japan!

 ZenExpress Shipping Option



Benefits of Zen Express: Standard


Zen Express: Standard is fantastic for countries that don't have access to smaller packet shipping options or if you are just looking for a faster alternative to surface shipping.

Extra small parcels under 500g will typically be even cheaper than shipping with surface, but arrive far sooner!

Shipping times on average can range from 10 - 18 days depending on the shipping destination country. 


Zen Express: Standard Requirements


Our new exclusive shipping option is designed for packages that meet the following criteria:

  • Under 2 kg* in weight
  • Total dimensions under 90 cm
  • The cost of items in the parcel is under a certain amount. (see Max. Parcel Value below for details)

*The max weight for ZenExpress parcels for some countries exceeds 2 kg

Please refer to the table below to see if your country allows for parcels greater than 2 KG:

Country Max Weight (kg)
Austria 25 kg
Belgium 25 kg
Brazil 20 kg
Chile 20 kg
Colombia 20 kg
France 25 kg
Germany 31 kg
Italy 25 kg
Kazakhstan 20 kg
Mexico 20 kg
Moldova 20 kg
Netherlands 25 kg
Spain 7 kg
UK 25 kg
USA 25 kg


These shipping weights went into effect as of 24th January 2022

Also please kindly note pick-up will take place twice a week (Monday and Thursday) for the Zen Express: Standard service.


 Zen Express: Standard packages - Shipping restrictions


  • Batteries
    Items with lithium-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd batteries cannot be shipped.

  • Medicine
    Medicine, including health supplements cannot be shipped.

  • Cosmetics
    Cosmetics, including masks cannot be shipped to EU countries.

  • Food and drinks

Shipping dry food products is unavailable for EU countries, USA & Brazil. Dry food products include items such as instant ramen, milk additives or most types of candy.

Shipping semi-liquid food products is available only for certain countries. Semi-liquid food products include items such as jelly, yogurt or most purees.


Click here to view a list of countries that are eligible for International Semi-Liquid Food shipping.

  • Other powder, liquid, semi-liquid products
    These types of products can't be shipped to EU countries.

  • Other items
    There are limitations for some countries on shipping items such as:
    • Liquids and semi-liquids (including all skincare products)
    • Wigs
    • Powders and weapon-like items (e. g. knives, toy guns, etc). Please see the list below for details.
    • Adult accessories can only be shipped to Germany and UK

The following countries are affected by these limitations:

      • Russia
      • Ukraine
      • German
      • Spain
      • UK
      • USA
      • Moldova
      • Belarus
      • Brazil 
      • Australia
      • Switzerland
      • Chile
      • Colombia
      • Mexico
      • Peru

Contact our ZenMarket support team if you need further clarification on what items are appropriate to be shipped through Zen Express: Standard.


Available Countries for Semi-liquid Food Shipping


Country Int'l. Semi-Liquid Food Shipping
Australia :white_check_mark:
Austria :x:
Belarus :x:
Belgium :x:
Brazil :x:
Bulgaria :x:"
Canada :white_check_mark:
Chile :x:
Colombia :x:
Croatia :x:
Cyprus :x:
Czech Republic :x:
Denmark :x:
Estonia :x:
Finland :x:
France :x:
Germany :x:
Greece :x:
Hungary :x:
Ireland :x:
Italy :x:
Kazakhstan :white_check_mark:
Latvia :x:
Lithuania :x:
Luxembourg :x:
Malta :x:
Mexico :x:
Moldova :x:
Netherlands :x:
Norway :white_check_mark:
Peru :x:
Poland :x:
Portugal :x:
Romania :x:
Russia :x:
Slovakia :x:
Slovenia :x:
Spain :x:
Sweden :x:
Switzerland :x:
Ukraine :x:
United Kingdom :white_check_mark:
United States :x:


UPDATE [OCTOBER 2022]: IOSS/DDP Terms & Purchase Limits

See the following table for information:


Country IOSS/DDP Terms Max. Parcel Value Currency
Czech Republic

< €150
= VAT according to this blog.

> €150

= 25% regardless of country or product category.

OLD: 150

New: Unlimited
United Kingdom

< £135
= VAT according to this blog.

> £135

= 25% regardless of product category.

OLD: 135

New: Unlimited

< $30 = No Fee

> $30 = 29% + Handling Fee ($2 ~ $6)

Value is based on price of products PLUS shipping.

OLD: 30

NEW: Unlimited
Colombia < $200 = 19%

> $200 = 30.9%

Value is based on price of products PLUS shipping.
OLD: 200

NEW: 2,000

< $50 = No Fee

> $50 = 19% + Handling Fee ($1 ~ $5)

OLD: 50

NEW: 1,000


The following countries are unaffected by the recent changes and maintain the same maximum value limits as before.


Country Max. Parcel Value Currency
Australia 770 USD
Belarus 22 EUR
Brazil 40 USD
Canada 20 USD
Kazakhstan 200 USD
Moldova 100 EUR
Norway 3,000

The tax can be pre-charged if each individual item is cheaper than NOK3,000.
(If there is at least 1 item that costs NOK3,000 or more, we cannot pre-charge the tax for you.)
Peru 200 USD
Russia 200 EUR
Switzerland (CH) 65 CHF
Ukraine 150 EUR


ZenMarket Shipping Calculator

If you are interested in knowing an estimated price for Zen Express: Standard available countries can now use our ZenMarket shipping calculator to compare prices. 

Click here to use our shipping calculator




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