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Must have Japanese fashion in your collection

Japanese fashion has garnered much attention over many years due to its unique and incredible culture and heritage. Japanese fashion has its distinct designs and techniques often not found or explored enough in the western fashion scene. Japanese style consists of a variety of trends. 

As a general rule, must have Japanese fashion include Aizome, waffle weave, platform shoes, and much more. Japan also has its own version of the crop cut wide pants that are also popular in western countries. However, there are other Japanese fashions that will elevate your current wardrobe. 

If you are someone who is looking to expand your wardrobe to accommodate some of the most vogue and essential Japanese fashion, the list below will prove to be helpful. Here are some of the must-have Japanese fashion in your collection.


9 Must-Have Japanese Fashion Items

1.   Japanese Hoodies

Japanese hoodies range from cross collars to drop shoulders and are experimented with in numerous designs, fabrics, and cuts such as split sides. This variety allows them to explore consumer needs and keep up with the trends. Additionally, similar to most Japanese goods, Japanese hoodies are also known to have fantastic quality even for mass manufacturing brands. These hoodies are very stylish and can be paired easily with the clothes in your wardrobe to put together an impressive and fashionable outfit. If you are someone who loves wearing hoodies, Japanese hoodies will not fail to impress you! 


2.   Minimal Hooded Coats 

These coats are abundant in Japan and can be easily found in low to mid-price labels, with several options. Hooded coats are popular in the west but are predominantly found in designer labels and are not affordable to the general public. In Japan, during the winters, you can often see people walking on the streets with these coats, especially females ranging from 16-22. These hooded coats are incredibly comfortable and make your outfit look stylish due to the refined luxury edge. Styling this coat does not require much effort. They are a must for your winter clothing essentials. 


3.   Crop Cut and Wide Pants

Crop cut and wide-legged pants are among the most notable Japanese fashion items. At most stores, one can find these near-perfectly tailored pants because the pants are done in multiple variations by every brand in Japan. There has been an increase in popularity with a similar pant style in America and Europe. However, the style differs from the Japanese version. Designers tailor the Japanese crop cut and wide pants to be just above the shoe. The pants come in denim, corduroy, tweed, slack styles, etc. The multiple variations in fabrics make it more appealing to those who want to explore the various options of such pants. This style is trendy in Japan and is a must-have item. 


4.   Aizome (Indigo Dyeing)

The Japanese traditional technique of Indigo dyeing, Aizome, is unique to Japan. The blue hue is called "Japanese blue." Since ancient times, Japanese people treasured its beauty, and foreign countries appreciated it. Aizome turns regular wear into treasured items which makes it deeply valued. Since Aizome does not require chemicals, the production of antibacterial effects occurs. Clothes made out of Aizome are suitable for everyday use. Not only are traditional items made with this product. Casual wear such as tees, jeans, neckties, etc., can also be made with Aizome. It provides an authentic inspiration for Japanese fashion enthusiasts. 


5.   Waffle Knit Weave

Waffle knit weaves, also known as honeycomb weaves, are highly comfortable and are an easy addition to your everyday western fashion pieces. It is a simple weave and serves as an optional weave for long sleeves, hoodies, and tank tops, to name a few. It is much more intricate than a sweatshirt and popular in Japan for its longer and broader silhouette. The three-dimensional waffle formation allows the fabric to have a sizable surface area, providing warmth or becoming absorbent. Clothes made from this weave have horizontal stretchability, which adds to the comfort. 


6.   Platform Shoes 

These shoes no longer come under the category of high heels as they are a completely new concept. Platform shoes are popular streetwear in Tokyo, primarily worn in the streets of Harajuku, and are a unique addition that can make any outfit look edgier. Both men and women wear these shoes with cute, pretty, or funky clothes. These shoes play a vital role in helping you stand out in the crowd, literally and in a fashionable sense. Platform shoes can also be paired up with simple clothing and bring attention to the details of your outfit. Not to mention, people can wear these shoes for a long duration because they are much more comfortable than heels. 


7.   Shirt Dresses

 A shirt dress is an essential item for a summer wardrobe. People can wear this dress in an office setting or for a casual day out because of its advantage of being incredibly versatile. You can accessorize these shirt dresses with some jewelry, a bag, and a summer hat. Like many of the fashion essentials mentioned above, you can pair the shirt dress with what you already have in your wardrobe, like trousers and jeans. If you do not desire an oversized styling of this dress, you can cinch it with a belt to highlight the waistline. 


8.   Short Suits

During the summers, wearing long pants can be pretty bothersome and uncomfortable. Short suits are a trendy summer alternative in Japan, especially those who do not enjoy wearing skirts or dresses. It is straightforward to style short suits as they are versatile and can be paired up with sneakers or heels and a blouse or a simple white shirt, depending on the occasion. These suits are very stylish and comfortable, and they are generally styled simply with more focus given to the footwear and add ons such as accessories, bags, etc. 


9.   Slip dress and T-shirt

Slip dresses with T-shirts are an old trend still quite popular in Japan today. Women of all age groups wear this recognizable look in the streets of Tokyo. There are many different ways to style this dress without putting in too much effort. The most common look emphasizes jewelry, particularly earrings and a pair of leather slides. You can choose to toughen up the look by throwing on some combat boots or making do with a pair of sneakers. In addition to that, a summer hat would be perfect if you are going for an outdoor look. 




These are some of the essential Japanese fashion items needed in your collection. Although some of them may seem familiar due to their presence in the west, Japanese fashion has explored a variety of designs and techniques to come up with new and trendy ideas to enhance these fashionable items. These fashion styles are easy to adapt to and can be paired up with your already existing wardrobe. Not to mention, they will allow you to expand your collection to accommodate trendy and comfortable fashion, which will elevate your overall look. 




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Article| 29/04/2022 | Fashion


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