Skyfarers, primals, and a small dragon! What is Granblue Fantasy?

This Japanese RPG game developed by Cygames is on everyone's tongue at the moment. Ganblue Fantasy is more than the usual turn-based battle games, discover what makes it so unique here.
Article | 13/11/2019 | zenplusAnimegames

Rosewood Instruments Shipping Update

Due to recent changes in CITES, we will be able to start shipping rosewood instruments, including rosewood guitars, from November 26th!
News | 11/11/2019 | News

Reach for the skies in the volleyball series, Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu is a thrilling yet emotional sports anime and manga about overcoming obstacles, and the internal growth of characters. Will you follow Karasuno High along their journey to be no.1 in Japan?
Article | 09/11/2019 | Animezenplus

How To Buy From ZOZOTOWN

ZOZOTOWN is one of Japan’s largest online fashion retailers. From popular streetwear brands like BAPE to much-loved labels like WEGO, there is something here for everyone! Find out how to buy from ZOZOTOWN in our simple tutorial.
Article | 08/11/2019 | Tutorial

SPOOKtacular Giveaway Winners

Thank you for participating in our SPOOOOOOKtacular giveaway! We've randomly generated our 10 lucky winners and they are...
News | 04/11/2019 | Giveaway

Fire Force: Magical Firefighting By The Creator of Soul Eater!

Find out everything you need to know about this fantastic upcoming anime from the creator of Soul Eater.
Article | 28/10/2019 | Animezenplus

ZenMarket SPOOKtacular Halloween Giveaway

Celebrate Halloween with ZenMarket's SPOOKtacular giveaway! From 24th October 4:00PM JST until 31st October 3:59PM JST, stand a chance to win one out of TEN available prizes.
News | 24/10/2019 | Giveaway

The Phantom Thieves From Persona 5 Are Here To Take Your Heart!

Persona has been trending all around the world, but what is it all about? Here's a spoiler-free guide on what it is all about.
Article | 23/10/2019 | zenplusAnimegaming

The Promised Neverland, A Journey To Freedom.

Promised Neverland is one of the freshest, most intriguing and unique stories to be published by Jump. Find out what it is all about here.
Article | 16/10/2019 | Animezenplus

How To Buy From Caster House

Caster House is one of Japan’s largest and best online fishing shops. If you are looking for high-quality Japanese reels and tackles, this is one of the best places to get them. We teach you how to purchase from this store!
Article | 15/10/2019 | TutorialfishingSport