Blog Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our blog contest! And the winner is...
Article | 20/04/2018 | contest

National Holiday Notice

From April 28th to May 6th it's Golden Week here in Japan. During this period, ZenMarket's office will be open and provide service as usual, but there may be a small delay in shipping.
News | 17/04/2018 | News

Write a Blog Post & Win 5000 yen

Write a blog post reviewing our service, and you could win 5000 yen in ZenMarket credit!
Article | 11/04/2018 | Giveaway

Nanoblock - Japanese Building Blocks

Nanoblock is a small block construction toy similar to lego, however, the blocks are nano.

5 Places To Visit During Golden Week

Golden Week is a holiday period varying from 7 to 10 days in April and May. Here we'll introduce you to our top 5 places to visit during Golden Week. 

How To Save More Money Shipping From Japan

New ZenMarket packaging option saves you money on products from Japan
News | 02/04/2018 |

PLEN - The Amazing Japanese Robot

Learn how to program while having fun with this small sized bipedal robot named PLEN.

The TOHO Project

The official TOHO Project store is now available on ZenMarket Place. Take advantage of getting TOHO goods with no service fee and cashback on every purchase.

5 Popular Japanese Mascots

Ever heard of yuru-kyara before? Yuru-kyara is a Japanese term that means mascot characters.