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Cheap Yen 2022 - buy luxury products now!

With the Yen being cheaper than ever before, now is the time to take advantage of exchange rates and shop until you drop!
News | 09/09/2022 | Fashion

September Holidays in Japan - Silver Week

What holidays make up Japan's Silver week and why is it significant? How does silver week affect business in Japan and what will happen to my ZenMarket order?
News | 01/09/2022 |

ZenExpress September Shipping Sale!

ZenExpress September Shipping Sale - Limited Time Only! Get up to 60% off shipping on ZenExpress parcels to USA, UK, Mexico, Germany & France!
News | 31/08/2022 |

How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is Fake? (2022 Guide)

Want to know how to spot counterfeit Pokémon cards? Here is everything you need to know on how to keep you and your collection safe from fakes!

Zen Express: Standard - Exclusive Shipping Method [UPDATED AUGUST 2022]

We are happy to announce the launch of a new delivery method! Learn more about Zen Express: Standard here!
News | 26/08/2022 | News


Update: July 2022. Japan Post has announced the return of EMS & Avia Shipping options to certain countries. Update: June 2022. Japan Post update shipping rate changes.
News | 26/08/2022 | NewsshippingJapan Post

Update: Surugaya Payment Policy Change

Surugaya has changed their payment policy. Now every order with a total price lower than 5,000 JPY needs an additional handling fee of 240 JPY.
News | 26/08/2022 | NewsAnime

How To Buy A Touhou Fumo From Gift Japan (2022)

A helpful guide on how to buy Touhou Fumos from Gift Japan and have them shipped to you internationally!
Article | 26/08/2022 | AnimeTutorial

Get to know Ado, the vocalist of One Piece Film: RED UTA.

We'll introduce you to Ado, the amazing singer behind One Piece Film: Red's UTA, including a list of every song in the movie!
Article | 11/08/2022 | Anime/MangaMusic