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Top Japanese Online Shops for Anime/Manga Merch

A lot of you have been asking us, "What are the best Japanese online shopping sites to buy anime & manga from?". Here are our top 20 Japanese sites for anime or manga.
Article | 19/07/2024 | shoppingAnime

The Different types of Japanese Figurines

From posable action figures to chibi cuties, discover the perfect anime figure for you!
Article | 18/07/2024 | AnimeToys/Gamefigure

What are the best Anime Figure Brands?

These anime figure brands offer some of the best anime figures around whether you’re just starting or growing an existing collection. Let’s explore what makes each of them special, and how to get our hands on some!
Article | 18/07/2024 | Anime

How to Buy Anime Figures from Japan Online

Are you an anime fan looking to expand your collection of anime figures? If so, here are the best ways to buy anime figures from Japan.
Article | 18/07/2024 | Anime

Singapore GST (Updated July 2024)

See how the Singapore Government's changes to Goods & Services Taxes will affect ZenMarket parcels bound for Singapore.
News | 16/07/2024 | News

What Are the Most Expensive Anime Figures?

We'll explore some of the most expensive anime figures, and get to know what these anime characters are.
Article | 12/07/2024 | Anime

How to Buy Blue Period Merch from Air TWOKYO Japan

If you're an anime enthusiast residing outside Japan and are looking to buy exclusive merchandise from series such as Attack on Titan, Blue Period, and others, be sure to explore Air TWOKYO! This guide will walk you through the process of purchasing these unique items, ensuring you can easily get your hands on authentic anime merchandise.
Article | 12/07/2024 | AnimeTutorial

Pre-paid Malaysian Sales Tax on Low Valued Goods (LVG)

ZenMarket pre-charges 10% sales tax on LVG to Malaysia, read this article to learn how it works.
News | 05/07/2024 |

What is included in ZenMarket Invoicing Documents?

Read this article to learn more about how to download the invoice for your parcel and what is included in the invoicing documents.
News | 05/07/2024 | News

How to buy DearMyLove clothes from Dreams Japan

Calling all kawaii lovers! Japanese fashion is blowing up right now, and DearMyLove has the cutest dresses, eye-catching accessories, and trendy tops to help you channel your inner anime character.
Article | 24/06/2024 | Fashionj-fashionClothingAnimeLolita