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Yukata VS Jinbei

Which do you choose?
Review| 02/08/2017 |

Notice regarding services during the Obon holidays.

Shipments within Japan may see some delays during the holiday.
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Flowing Noodle Challenge!

Who is the best at handling chopsticks?
Review| 19/07/2017 | japanese foodSummer

Japanese Products that aren’t what they seem!

Can you guess the real function of these interesting items?
Review| 20/06/2017 | stationeryinterestingFoodweird

Perfect Makeup Brushes Loved Worldwide: High Quality and Beautiful / Kawaii Designs

A bit of information for ladies and people looking for a great gift for women.
Review| 17/06/2017 | Traditional JapanBEAUTYMade in Japan

Yukata: Easy To Choose, Easy To Wear!

Summer is almost there. Let's get Japanese Summer clothes, Yukata.
Review| 13/06/2017 | Traditional JapanFashionClothing

Combat the rainy season with these cool products from Japan

Hate rainy days? It’s going to be fine!
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