Dear customers:

We hope that the 120 days of free storage of your items in our warehouses have been useful to everyone during these months.

Unfortunately, our storage spaces are not unlimited, therefore, as of August 8, 2020, we are reverting to our system of 45 days of free storage and 45 additional paid days (50 yen per day exceeded per item).

Of course, all items registered in our warehouses before August 8 still have 120 days of free storage, and packages that are in preparation will not be invoiced either.

You will be able to see items storage times in your account. If storage days appear to be exceeded on your account view, but the items were sent to our warehouse before August 8th, do not worry, you will not be charged

We will be updating the system and notification emails in the coming days to reflect the change back to normal operations. 

Thank you for your continued support during these adverse times!


Happy Shopping!

News| 03/08/2020 | News