Say hello, new ZenPlus logo

Today we launched a logo for ZenPlus as we start to refresh our look and get ready for a brand new e-commerce site. 


ZenPlus is our platform where you can buy goods directly from top Japanese retailers with the click of a button; it must have its own identity just like Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo! Shopping. 


We wanted a distinctive and playful design that contained the zen sand lines we have in our current ZenMarket logo to resemble a plus sign. Our in-house brand team worked together with a renowned logo creator to create a new and more cohesive visual identity. 


New ZenPlus Logo

Our ZenPlus logo has a simple color palette, is refined, and contains the spirit of our eCommerce platform. It is one that can be scaled and works in loads of different places.


Let’s not bore you with fancy design talk about our ZenPlus logo; we know you all are busy people. We just wanted to let you know, so you won’t be surprised when you get a ZenPlus email or check our SNS.


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News| 22/11/2019 | zenplus