5 Questions With Cosplayer Amber Guzman

Amber Guzman is a Cosplay and model living with Muscular Dystrophy from California, USA. She has a strong following on social media from fans around the world, who anxiously wait for her next cosplay.

We had the honor of interviewing her via e-mail earlier this week and was able to talk to her about her cosplay inspirations.

Amber's instagram cosplay feed
1. What got you into cosplay?

I have always loved dressing up and making costumes! I especially love Halloween too! When I went to my first Anime Expo convention back in 2004 I was absolutely hooked on the idea of people dressing up as their favorite anime/cartoon characters just for fun each day. I made my first cosplay which was Sailor Moon and I haven't stopped ever since.

2. What inspires you the most about cosplay?

The cosplay community really inspires me to continue to do what I love as a cosplayer! It's made up of such kindhearted and talented people (and animals) that it is hard not to be inspired by the amazing costumes and friendship you can make online or at conventions worldwide! Of course, there are people who are not the nicest in this community too but the good outweighs the bad!

3. Where is your favorite cosplay convention?

Los Angeles hosts one of the biggest cosplay conventions worldwide called The Anime Expo. People and vendors travel from all over the world to attend this amazing convention. This years event had more than 500,000 people there walking the halls, it was huge! There is so much to see, take pictures of and lots to buy there at Anime Expo! It's definitely my favorite convention so far!

 crowds at Anime Expo in California, USA

4. What are your top 3 cosplay costumes and why?

My top 3 cosplay costumes are probably:

Amber Guzman's amazing Malegicent cosplay

#1: My Maleficent Cosplay is my ultimate favorite because I handmade that one and it took me 3 months but it was worth all the cuts and burns!


#2: is my Soraka Cosplay from The League of Legends. She is a very cute character and the costume is beautiful! She has wings and horse-like feet too which makes her really unique to cosplay! The costume has sparkles and its a lovely shade of green!!!


#3: would have to be my Dark Neo Queen Serenity costume from Sailor Moon I made and originally created to show an evil side of Sailor Moon. People love this original idea and it was a big hit at the Anime Expo last year! The dress was long like a ballgown and I made a huge staff to walk with which was covered in fake jewels. 


5. What is the most precious cosplay item you have ever bought?

Amber Gunman's fantastic handmade headset
My handmade D.va headset! It lights up and looks just like her headset from the video game! It is durable but still, I am very careful with it because I would hate to break it since it was handmade by a friend. 

You can find Amber Guzman on Instagram here.


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Article| 08/08/2018 | interviewpopcultureZenmarketplace