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At one point there was a hero in everybody’s life. Someone that you looked up to because they were cool, different, or sent a strong message that resonated with you. There are some people like Izuku Midoriya who instead of just looking up to their hero, want to become one. My Hero Academia focuses on the story of how Midoriya goes from zero to hero, showing all of the hardships he will have to endure along the way.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, literally. They’re not uncommon in this world due to the phenomenon known as quirks. Quirks are special abilities unique to each person and are considered to be the next stage in human evolution. Each quirk is unique, and while some skills may be similar to another, there is no same quirk. They’re fully developed in children by the age of four and the only known indicator for those who possess the genetic mutation will have an extra joint in their pinky toes. In sporadic cases, it is possible for animals to also develop a quirk as Nezu, the principal of U.A. High School, did with his quirk for enhanced intelligence.

Thanks to the growing number of people developing quirks, there is an abundance of heroes everywhere! Working alongside law enforcement, hospitals, and firefighters, heroes are just another group that exists to protect the peace. Heroes have their own agencies and city districts they protect and operate just like any other place. Of course, heroes don’t have that title for nothing, and you can’t have heroes without villains! Not everyone that has a quirk wants to use their abilities for good, nor do they want to become a hero, some people decide to use their powers to break the law and cause havoc instead.

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For those who aspire to become heroes at a young age, there are specialized schools meant to train students to become heroes. For young Midoriya, this was the gateway to a brand new world where he could shine just like the hero he has idolized for years, All Might. Fate had a surprise for Midoriya, who did not inherit a quirk of his own, and his journey to become a hero kicked into motion thanks to the efforts of All Might. 

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On Midoriya’s journey to becoming a hero, he becomes friends with his classmates, including Ochako Uraraka, a caring girl with a keen eye for details with the ability to nullify gravity on objects or people. She is joined by her equally skilled classmates Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Iida, and Katsuki Bakugo, who all possess unique and powerful abilities. Asui’s quirk is “frog”, which allows her to do anything a frog can do include leaping to high places, camouflage, and even extending her tongue! Iida has engines in his calves which allow him to run at incredible speeds as well as increase the power of his kicks. Bakugo is known to be aggressive and arrogant to classmates and heroes alike, believing his incredible quirk “explosion” is enough to earn him the title of hero. If it weren’t for his personality, many would agree because his combat techniques and efficiency with his quirk is at a high level.

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Since its release in 2014, My Hero Academia has an ongoing manga spanning more than 24 volumes, an anime with a fourth season starting in October, and a movie with another set to release at the end of the year. Its popularity has grown a lot, and even American company Funko Pop has created figures of the characters in recent years. Other products like nendoroids, keychains, and phone charms have been popping up in capsule machines and online too! For people who want to fit in with the students of Midoriya’s school, cosplays for men and women have been available online as well! 

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Article| 09/10/2019 | Animezenplus