What To Buy For Father's Day: Our Ultimate Guide

Father’s Day, which falls on the third Sunday in June for many countries including right here in Japan, will be on June 21 this year. Many of you might be worried about finding the best gifts to buy for your dad that can rival (or even beat!) the wonderful surprises you got for your mother on her own special day.


Well, worry no more. We’ve put together a gift guide of the most amazing Father’s Day gifts you can order right here on ZenMarket! With our fantastic gift ideas for your dad, you don’t have to resort to getting a gift card. Instead, you can pick an amazing, thoughtful gift for dad that shows how much you appreciate him. 

1. Retro Gaming Consoles

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Give your dad the gift of endless fun and nostalgia with a retro gaming console! The retro gaming industry is still very much alive, especially in Japan, the birthplace of gaming console giants Nintendo and Sony. If you’re lucky, try Yahoo Auctions where you might sometimes find great deals on preloved consoles in great condition for a fantastic prize. They have everything, including Nintendo 64s!


If you’d rather get something new but still with a retro spin, PlayStation has released a special edition of their classic PlayStation 1 with 20 retro games pre-loaded. You can also buy Nintendo's Famicom Minis, which was released back in 2016 and includes original 8-bit games such as Solomon‘s Key and River City Ransom, or SNK's NeoGeo Minis, available exclusively on our ZenPlus store! 


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2. Otamatones

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Wait, what? If you’ve never seen or heard of an Otamatone, you probably think it’s an incredibly bizarre-looking instrument. The Otamatone was released back in 1998 by Maywa Denki and CUBE and is easily one of Japan’s cutest musical gadgets.  It is an electronic musical instrument that is played by sliding a finger up and down along the neck. You can even adjust the volume and octave using buttons on the back of the Otamatone’s head!


The Otamatone comes in different colors and even some adorable designs, such as Kirby, a ninja, and Japan’s famous Kumamon mascot. There are also a few sizes, with the standard being 27cm.


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3. LOCA Ceramic Coffee Filter

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The LOCA ceramic coffee filters are perfect not just for a dad who loves coffee, but who is also trying to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. Drip coffees are incredibly popular here in Japan, with many fans swearing that it enhances the flavor of single-origin coffees. There are several components to making a delicious cup of drip coffee, but the most essential is the filter. With the LOCA ceramic coffee filter, your dad will be making cup after cup of amazing coffee!


The ceramic coffee filter is deliberately designed to make the perfect cup of drip coffee. Micropores in the ceramic allow coffee (and other liquids) to be filtered through, removing bitterness and enhancing the sweetness of the coffee! With proper maintenance, you can expect the filter to last for years, reducing waste from paper filters.


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4. Japanese Watches

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Any watch-loving father will know that Japan has some of the best watches in the industry. Long gone are the days where the Swiss dominated watchmaking. For centuries, Japanese watchmakers have been perfecting their craft, and the result is an incredible array of high-quality and beautiful watches.


Depending on what your father likes, you could get him a classic Seiko watch or a G-Shock, or really impress him with a Grand Seiko. For more on Japanese watches, be sure to read our guide on the Top 8 Japanese Watch Brands You Need To Know.


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5. Japanese Skincare

Shop Japanese Skincare on ZenMarket

If you think skincare is only for women, think again. Like Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye espouses, a proper skincare routine is for everyone, including your dad! Whether it is choosing a simple facial scrub or moisturizer, Japan has you covered. Japanese skincare is well-known for being gentle and avoids using many of the harsh exfoliants and chemicals found in other brands.


Needless to say, skincare is gender-neutral, but if you’re looking for something more tailored, try Gatsby or Shiseido’s male skincare line.


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6. Japanese Fishing Reels

Shop Japanese Fishing Reels on ZenMarket

Japanese fishing reels are incredibly popular amongst many fishermen for its durability and quality. If your father loves fishing, he might already own a few reels from brands like Shimano, Daiwa or Okuma. If not, you should definitely get him a reel so he can try out the wonders of Japanese reels for himself!


If you need help picking out a reel, we recommend you check out some of the fishing specific shopping guides we’ve published! You can read up on our 5 Favorite Japanese Fishing Reels or find out more about all the incredible reels Shimano has released in 2019.


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Have something else in mind for your dad?

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