Reiwa Sale! ¥100 Service Fees

To usher in the Reiwa era, we’re offering a special service fee discount. From 14th May 4:00 PM JST until 17th May 11:59 PM JST, the ZenMarket service fee for auctions and shops will be reduced a whopping 66% from 300 JPY to only 100 JPY on all items! If there ever is a time to start buying all your favorite Japanese items, it is now.


Please note that for the ¥100 service fees to apply, your items have to be checked and paid for by the end of the campaign. If they are not paid for by the end of the day on the 17th of May, service fees will be reverted to ¥300.  


Shopping on ZenMarket is easy! If you are buying from Rakuten, Amazon Japan or Yahoo Auctions, you can browse and add to cart all on our website. For all other online stores, simply copy and paste the URL into our search bar, wait for the pop-up, and click “Add” to have the item added to your cart. To find out more about buying on ZenMarket, read our blog here. You can also read about how to bid on Yahoo Auctions here.


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