How to buy Lolita Clothing from Japan

Are you looking to purchase lolita clothing from Japan? Lolita brands are difficult to find outside of Japan and are typically overpriced. But how do you buy lolita clothing from Japan without paying for an expensive plane ticket? Here's our quick guide of buying from all your favorite Lolita brands from wherever you are in the world. 

ZenPlus is the ideal shopping site that allows you to buy lolita clothing from the very best stores curated for you. Use ZenPlus to obtain new and pre-loved clothing from all your favorite lolita fashion brands. If you're unsure about the hottest brands in Japan at the moment, we recommend you check out our Top 6 Lolita Clothing Brands in Japan blog. With ZenPlus, you don't need to worry about calculating all the hidden fees as there are none. You even get 3% cashback on all orders made via the ZenPlus tab on

What ZenPlus offers:

  • Multilingual customer support.
  • One place to shop thousands of Japanese shops and brands.
  • Consolidate your items into one package to ship abroad.
  • Support Japanese stores directly by skipping the middle man.

ZenPlus is possibly the easiest and cheapest way to buy Lolita from Japan. They have teamed up with Japanese thrift stores to bring you all your favorite Japanese brands at a lower price. Not only do they sell brand new second-hand clothes, they work with up and coming lolita brands like Merrybelle to help them ship abroad.


How to order?


Start browsing by clicking the ZenPlus tab, and type your favorite lolita brand into our search bar. As most lolita fashion brands use English names, you won't need to worry about finding the Japanese name of the brand for the most part. However, please keep in mind that our search bar works best when searching in Japanese. So if you don't find something on your first search, don't give up and search again. If you're having trouble finding something, check out our 5 Handy Tools To Find Japanese Products Without Knowing Japanese. And our current favorite lolita stores on ZenPlus Maiden Store Clothing and Merrybelle.

How to search on ZenPlus



When you have found an item you like, click the photo, and the item's page should appear. Here you will be able to see detailed images of the piece of clothing or accessory, as well as a complete product description. As product descriptions get translated from Japanese to English automatically, they may be a little difficult to understand. If you're ever unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to contact us on our SNS or via our online customer service.

How to find a product on zenplus

On the same page, scroll down, and you should see a tab bar with "Shipping & Payment." Here you can see if the item requires domestic shipping or not. You can also find information about payment, and use our international shipping estimator to estimate international shipping fees to your country.

International shipping lolita dress zenplus


Add to Cart

Once you are happy with your choice, please click "Add to Cart." You can then pay for your item in "My Account."


Add Funds

To add funds to your account, please click "ADD FUNDS." You will then see various ways to add funds, choose the best one for you, and enter the amount you want to add. Please be aware that it can take several hours to see your balance added from PayPal and several days for a bank transfer.


Make a Package

Pay for your items and wait for them to arrive at our warehouse. When they have reached our warehouse, please create a new package and enter your delivery details, etc. 

making a package for international shipping on


Choose Shipment Method

We will then make your package, and weigh it for international delivery. When your parcel is ready, you will need to pay for international shipping. 

choosing your shipping method on


Pay for International Shipping

To make the payment, press the "Pay" button. Within 1-2 working days, ZenPlus will send your package. Depending on the shipping method, it will take a few days to a few weeks for the parcel to arrive at its destination.



Browse Lolita Clothing on ZenPlus 


We hope this article helped it easier for you to order your favorite lolita brands from Japan. What other lolita stores would you like to see on ZenPlus? Let us know on our social networks below.


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