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Top 6 Lolita Clothing Brands in Japan

We've been getting a lot of questions since our "How To Buy Lolita Fashion From Japan" blog. The most prominent question which we have seen all over our social networks is "What are the top lolita brands in Japan?"

That's why we're here today to give you a rundown on the biggest lolita brands that you should know. It is tricky to shop when you don't know the best Japanese brands to buy. Whether you're looking to buy a full coordinate or accessories for a gift, we're sure you will be able to find a store you like in this guide.


All the stores featured in this article are in Harajuku, but you can get your hands on the latest and pre-loved Japanese lolita clothing at no extra fees through ZenPlus. ZenPlus' mission is to bring Japan closer to you by teaming up with your favorite brands and stores to help them ship worldwide. And the best thing about it? You get 3% cashback on every item!


So let's get started with our favorite Japanese lolita brand.


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright also known as Baby or BTSSB, is the most well-known lolita brand. Created by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright specializes mainly in Sweet Lolita but has started to venture out of that with their latest collections. In 2007, they opened their first international retail store in Paris, France.


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Although their brand is famous for being on the pricer side, you can grab a bargain if you buy their garments or accessories pre-loved on ZenPlus.


Shop Baby The Stars Shine Bright



2. Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, mainly consists of pastel colors, frills, and lace. If you're looking for dresses and accessories that are right out of a fairy tale, then look no further. Angelic Pretty was first a select shop stocking a collection of kawaii clothing called"Pretty." In 2001 they changed their name to Angelic Pretty to focus on making their own clothing. Like Baby The Stars Shine Bright they sell almost any piece of clothing from dresses to bloomers.


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 Angelic Pretty is an extremely well-known Sweet Lolita brand around the world. They are also known for helping popularize border prints and fairy-Kei fashion. Due to the influx of foreign customers, they launched their official English language site in 2008. 

Prices can be high, but you can always find an Angelic Pretty bargain through our Maiden Clothing store.


Shop Angelic Pretty



3. Jane Marple

Jane Marple isn't your typical full lolita brand, but that doesn't mean you can't wear it with your coordinates. Jane Marple specializes in a Japanese fashion style called Otome, that has a slight overlap with Japanese lolita fashion. For more information, we recommend you read our "What is Otome Fashion?" blog post.
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Jane Marple is an excellent brand if you want to wear lolita out and about, but want to look a little more casual. Jane Marple focuses less on accessories and focuses more on the story of their clothing. All their clothing has a story and is said to be more like a piece of art rather than usual girly dresses.

4. ALICE and the PIRATES

ALICE and the PIRATES is a line launched by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in 2004. It focuses on a punk theme heavily influenced by pirates and Aristocrats. Although it focuses on darker colors, it remains in the lolita fashion spectrum and has popularized the Pirate Lolita sub-style.


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Pirate Lolita focuses on pirate-themed coordinates that includes themed accessories such as eye patches, swords, tricorns, and treasure chests. This style sadly is often only worn during events and other special occasions as it can look like a fancy dress costume.

In August 2006 a store devoted to Alice and the Pirates opened in Harajuku on the bottom floor of Laforet.


Shop Alice and the Pirates



5. Emily Temple Cute


Emily Temple Cute is also another Otome-kei fashion brand, but it is a great cheaper alternative to some of the more famous lolita brands. For this reason, it just had to make it in our Top 6 Lolita Brands.

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 Emily Temple Cute is an affordable choice to inordinate into your lolita wardrobe. Especially, if you're looking for something more casual to wear to work or school and still look kawaii in. 


Shop Emily Temple


6. Axes Femme

Axes Femme is pretty similar to Emily Temple Cute and offers lolita clothing at an affordable price. If you like classic lolita styles such as Victorian Maiden or Innocent World, then this is definitely a brand to check out. They have a lot of dresses, coats, blouses, shoes, and accessories. 

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Shop Axes Femme


So that's our Top 6 Lolita Clothing Brands in Japan. Did your favorite brand make the list? Let us know which Lolita brand you can't get enough of on our social networks below.

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Article| 10/09/2019 | zenplusFashion