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5 Tips to Stay Warm in Japan

Winter in Japan can be different depending on where you visit. Tokyo has a mild climate, however, in the countryside, it's usually a lot colder. Here are some tips and techniques on how to survive the winter season in Japan.

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1. Clothing

Uniqlo has developed a special kind of thin inner garment that can contain heat from your body and keep you warm. If you don’t want to look like a sumo wrestler with tons of layers, simply wear this garment, and you will stay toasty all day long. 

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2. Food

Much of Japan’s food is seasonal, so with each significant change in the climate comes new fish, new veggies, and new dishes on the menu. Nabe (hotpot) is Japan's favorite winter meal. With nabe, ingredients are dropped into a bubbling pot in the center of the table. Using chopsticks or a specialized straining spoon, you grab what you want and eat it.

There are various versions of Japanese nabe such as sukiyaki, shabu shabu, chanko nabe etc. Which one do you want to try?

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3. Heat Pads

Kairo, this is Japan’s secret winter weapon of staying warm. Kairo, which means fire inside the pocket, is a self-warming pad that you can attach to your clothing to keep you warm. You don’t have to worry because they won’t burn you alive. The heat from a kairo can last up to 20 hours. It's a great way to bring a portable heater with you. These are sold all over the country. They come in all kinds of sizes, you can buy small ones and place them in your pockets to keep you warm.

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4. Japanese Toilets

Sit on toilets. As weird as it sounds, the famous Japanese bidet toilet allows comfort when you are too cold because their seats are heated. Sit down and relax. 


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5. Disposable Face Mask

Wearing face mask can help to keep your nose area warm and reduce the probability of catching a cold. You can easily get nice printed face masks from convenience stores and various clothing stores.

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And those were our top 5 tips to stay warm in Japan during the winter. Let us know your favorite tips to stay warm on our social media pages.

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Article| 28/02/2018 | Japanese CultureFoodFashion