The Japanese Fishing Apparel that Any Fisherman Worth Their Salt Needs

Fishing tackles and rods aren’t the only essential fishing accessories fishermen should invest in. High-quality fishing apparel and gear are equally important as they ensure the safety of fishermen. Anglers and fishermen serious about their craft should invest in high-quality fishing gear and apparel to keep fishing for as long as possible. 

Most famous Japanese fishing gear manufacturers, such as Shimano and Daiwa, also make high-quality fishing apparel and gear. These include Japanese fishing pants, jackets, footwear, eyewear, and many more. They come in several different designs and feature sets. Their high-quality Japanese construction and attention to detail easily make them worth their cost. 

In this article, we will check out the best Japanese fishing gear and apparel available. We will discuss in more detail why proper and high-quality fishing apparel is important. And, of course, we will recommend Japanese fishing brands and models used and trusted by professional anglers and fishermen.  

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How to Choose Fishing Wear?

There are many factors to consider when choosing suitable apparel for fishing. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind, no matter the landscape and weather.

Fishing wear is made of various kinds of fabrics. Usually, higher-performance fabric would cost more. If you want top-quality performance wear that is waterproof and windproof, the most recommendable fabric would be Gore-tex. Keep in mind that there are also different levels of Gore-tex fabrics. For summer, fabrics with holes like mesh and nets can add extra ventilation. While in winter, wool can keep you warm and is also semi-water resistant. 

Weather is unpredictable and it is better to predict the worst. No matter the fishing conditions, waterproof and windproof material is always necessary. Good neck coverage can also help protect fishermen from harsh weather.

Weight and Flexibility
Lightweight clothing is preferable as fishing already requires heavy equipment and gear. For better movements, you can also choose clothing that has stretch and fits well to the body. 

Small Details
Pay attention to small details like zipper flaps, neck coverage, and foldable sleeves which prevent you from getting wet. 

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Fishing Footwear

Footwear is something that any fisherman should consider. They provide protection from sharp and different kinds of dangerous objects, all-day comfort and support during fishing, and prevent you from slipping. 

To most fishermen who want to boost their productivity and maintain safety, high-quality fishing footwear is worth the investment. There are plenty of Japanese brands that offer plenty of high-quality fishing footwear in many different designs. 

Shimano offers a number of high-quality footwear fit for different kinds of fishing conditions. Shimano’s Evair Marine Fishing Sandals provide a lightweight solution for fishermen. They are made of ultralight EVA material that reduces fatigue and does not restrict movement without compromising build quality. 

Evair marine Fishing Sandals come in many different colors to match your other fishing accessories. Shimano also offers footwear in other styles such as the Evair Boat Shoes and the Evair Boots

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Fishing Jackets

Fishing jackets are essential in keeping fishermen safe during harsh weather conditions. Good fishing jackets are waterproof and windproof. Waterproof fishing jackets also help fishermen avoid hypothermia

In addition, most high-quality fishing jackets are breathable. They keep fishermen warm but won’t trap too much heat, causing them to feel uncomfortable. Many Japanese brands produce high-quality fishing jackets. 

Shimano offers a number of different designs, including the Atlas, Equileus Softshell Jacket, Hybrid Jacket, Lightweight Rain Jacket, Magellan Jacket, and Technical Softshell Jacket.

Shimano’s fishing jackets are notably made of high-quality materials. The Atlas Jacket’s fabric has moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. They are also stretchable, ensuring they don’t restrict movement and are comfortable to use. 

The Equleus Softshell Jacket, on the other hand, is made of 87% poly, 13% spandex stretch woven fabric. Its brushed tricot-lined fabric helps hold body heat while its DWR finish repels water. 

Daiwa is another popular brand that offers high-quality fishing jackets. Some of Daiwa’s popular offerings include the GORETEX Jacket and the RAINMAX High Loft Winter Suit (DW-3420E). 



Daiwa touts their GORETEX line of jackets to be the best in the fishing industry. They claim their fabric material to be unmatched when it comes to its foul weather performance. 

Daiwa’s GORETEX jackets also feature their signature YKK AquaGuard zippers which are incredibly sturdy. They also have an adjustable hood with a high-stand collar which can be worn over the face and used in a number of different scenarios. 

The RAINMAX High Loft Winter suit features Daiwa’s Rainmax membrane material, which is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It also has a flapless front zip and pocket structure. Its waterproof design is rated at 10000mm, and its breathability is rated at 4000g/m2/24h. 

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Fishing Pants

In addition to fishing jackets and footwear, high-quality fishing pants are also essential for fishermen. They provide many of the same benefits as fishing jackets and footwear, such as protection from harsh weather conditions. Good fishing pants also provide good comfort, allowing fishermen to move freely. 

Shimano produces high-quality fishing pants that can be paired with their fishing jackets. Shimano’s outdoor fishing pants offer UPF50+ protection. They are also water-repellent, and feature reinforced pliers pockets

For places with hotter weather, Daiwa offers fishing shorts. These shorts offer UV protection and are made of anti-sweat breathable material. They are perfect during spring and summer. 

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Fishing Hats and Caps 

Caps and hats are essential accessories for fishing. They provide basic protection for all types of weather, such as extreme heat and rain. They also prevent sweat from getting into your eyes. And interestingly, hats and caps can help prevent fish from easily spotting you. 

Japanese brands, such as Daiwa and Shimano, have a number of different cap designs. Both brands offer a number of different lightweight Trucker-style hats made with high-quality materials. 

Other designs, like Straw Hats, are also available for better UV protection during hot fishing conditions. Both Shimano and Daiwa offer unique designs complete with their iconic logos/brandings. 

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Fishing Glasses

Aside from being a physically demanding task, fishing also puts a lot of strain on our eyes. Long fishing sessions can easily induce eyestrain. In addition, accidents can happen, which can permanently damage our eyes. 

For those reasons, eyewear is a must for any fisherman. The most popular eyewear worn by fishermen is polarized sunglasses (偏光グラス)

Polarized sunglasses protect fishermen from the sun’s UV light, known to cause long-term damage to our eyes, and reduce glare caused by the sun hitting the water. Reducing the sun’s reflection in the water allows fishermen to see through the water clearly, helping them easily spot fish and stay away from rocks. 

However, take note that not any pair of sunglasses will completely protect you from UV Rays. Fishing sunglasses and eye protection are rated to specifically protect your eyes during fishing. 

Various Japanese brands offer great fishing eyewear. Shimano and SWANS fishing eyewear are the most popular options. 



Shimano’s sunglasses offer a lightweight but durable build using materials such as Grilamid TR-91. In addition, they are precision-built via CNC molding. And, of course, they look incredible. 

On the other hand, SWANS sunglasses also have many great features. They have proprietary designed lens technologies, such as POLAR and ULTRA LENS, that allow fishermen to see clearly in the water. They also come in many different designs that will surely fit any fisherman’s aesthetic. 

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Fishing Bags

In addition to gear protecting fishermen, high-quality backpacks, waist bags and storage devices are equally important for protecting and transporting fishing equipment. One of the most popular options is Shimano’s Blackmoon Backpacks

The Shimano Blackmoon offers dedicated storage for lures, lines, tools, reels, and terminal tackles. They are made of high-quality materials, such as premium fabrics, reinforced double-stitched seams, and corrosion-resistant zippers, ensuring the bag survives various challenges and harsh fishing conditions. 

The Shimano Blackmoon comes in two designs: Front Load and Top Load. Both versions of the Shimano Blackmoon offer thick padding, allowing users to safely and comfortably carry them around.

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Fishing Headlights

Fishing activities often happen at night and it can get very dark and dangerous. While holding a torch is troublesome, instead of a torch fishermen usually wear fishing headlights for easier carry and convenience. 

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Fishing Life Jackets

Life jackets are essential for all fishermen, especially if you are fishing on a boat in deep waters. The main purpose is to prevent drowning. They may sound lame but there are various stylish designs like waistbands and wristbands that can float.

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Popular Japanese Fishing Apparel Brands

Fishing is one of Japanese people's favorite sport. When it comes to fishing apparel, Japanese brands definitely guarantee both quality and style. Here is a list of popular fishing apaprel brands in Japan:

  1. Shimano
  2. Daiwa
  3. Workman
  4. Foxfire
  5. RBB
  6. Irie Fishing Club
  7. mazume
  8. Free Knot
  9. Logos
  10. Mizuno
  11. Orario




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