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20 Cool Japanese Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Japan's cuisine is as unique as their technology. This innovative food culture has translated into the design and production of cutting-edge Japanese kitchen gadgets. From electric rice cookers to dishwashers, the Japanese excel at building gadgets that encourage you to cook.

The gadgets on this list make working in the kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, these 20 cool Japanese kitchen gadgets will give you an exciting experience preparing your favorite meals.

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1. Thanko Rice Cooker Lunchbox

The Thanko Rice Cooker is a deceptively effective and powerful lunchbox. It looks like any other ordinary lunchbox, but it will cook your meal in 14 minutes. Put rice and water and turn it on. The beautiful design of this cooker makes it easy to carry around and enjoy your meal anywhere and anytime.

Thanko rice cooker lunchbox japanese kitchen gadget

This gadget is made of aluminum, making it a durable option for family use. This Thanko lunchbox can cook a maximum capacity of 1 cup of rice. It is lightweight and easy to use and comes in a design with three color options. This device is not battery-powered but comes with an AC 100V power cable.

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2. Zojirushi Coffee Maker

Zojirushi japanese coffee maker kitchen gadget

The Zojirushi EC-YS100-XB Coffee Maker is a large-capacity coffee maker by the Japanese multinational manufacturer, Zojirushi. They are famous for making all types of beverage-related kitchen gadgets. With a capacity of 1.35 liters, this push-to-operate device can make up to 10 cups of top-notch coffee at once.

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The Zojirushi Coffee Maker comes with a 24-hour programmable timer with a digital clock that gets your coffee when needed. It is leak-proof and easy to use. You can choose between microcomputer pre-heating and steaming to get the most out of your coffee flavor. This durable device is made with stainless steel components and a mesh filter, making it condensation resistant.

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3. Sharp HEALSIO Steam Oven Range

The HEALSIO Steam Oven by Sharp is the only oven that bakes with water from start to finish. With its superheated steam technology, this gadget has about eight times higher heating power than conventional convection ovens. This system not only offers steam-cooking, but it also boasts convection, grill and cleaning/sterilization functions so you have the freedom to make a huge variety of dishes, while making the clean-up an easy task.

Healsio steam oven japanese kitchen gadget

With a total storage capacity of 9.8 gallons of water, you can rest assured that your heating needs are taken care of; this system allows for reduced fat and salt in your food while keeping it moist and fresh. It comes with a bold red exterior and black interior, and comes with one rack and two baking trays to satisfy your baking needs.

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4. Akebono Microwave Egg Cooker

There are many different options for boiling eggs, but few of those options can boil eggs perfectly every time like this. The Akebono microwave egg cooker can consistently produce eggs boiled to perfection without any stress.

Akebono microwave egg cooker japanese kitchen gadget

It is a simple device to use. Put your eggs in the device, add water, and then turn it on. In about 10 minutes, you will have perfectly boiled eggs. The Akebono egg cooker comes in various capacities, typically accommodating two to four eggs at a time. This device is made of aluminum aluminate and can resist temperatures above boiling point.

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5. Prismate Chicken Salad Maker

Although salads are not a traditional Japanese recipe, they have become a mainstay in Japan. Japanese convenience stores sell all kinds of popular pre-cut and pre-mixed salads. You can accompany these with cooked chicken breast for taste and protein; this is where the Prismate chicken salad maker comes in.

Japanese kitchen smart chicken salad maker cooker

A dedicated chicken cooker allows you to prepare chicken breasts in slow, medium, and fast modes. Depending on how soon you want your meal, this device will prepare it in 20 minutes, two hours, or five hours. Add water and seasoning to your chicken in the salad maker and pick a mode. Your chicken will come out perfectly cooked and delicious in no time. The device comes in a sleek design with three color variants.

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6. Thanko Rakua Mini Dishwasher Plus

The Japanese are notorious for using a lot of tableware for every meal. Cleaning a large pile of dishes will always be tiring, regardless of how old you get. The Thanko Rakua mini dishwasher exists for this purpose.

Japanese kitchen smart mini dishwasher

This device comes with a double-nozzle injection cleaning system that pre-rinses and dries your dishes with hot air. It can hold up to twelve items of varying types, thus saving you the stress of frequent dish-cleaning by hand. This mini dishwasher is small enough to sit on your kitchen sink. Fill it with a supply cup, position the drain hose, and let it do the rest.

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7. Balmuda The Gohan Rice Cooker

Balmuda is known for making stylish and sophisticated devices. The Gohan stands out from a long line of products because of its name and unique design. Gohan means “cooked rice” in Japanese, which is precisely the use of this device.

Japanese kitchen smart rice cooker

The traditional kamado stove inspired The Gohan’s design. It has five different modes for all types of rice cooking, including brown rice, rice gruel, takikomu gohan, and regular white rice.

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What makes the Gohan rice cooker one of the best you have ever had is its double pot design; this allows the heat and steam to move in a way that brings out the best texture and taste of your meal. It comes in black and white and is finished with fluorine-coated aluminum and stainless steel.

Get the Balmuda The Gohan Rice Cooker



8. Siroca Café-Bako Pro

Japanese kitchen smart coffee maker

The Siroca Café-Bako Pro, as the name implies, is a master coffee-making machine. If you like the whole experience of a coffee shop in your kitchen, this is the gadget for you. It covers the whole process, from grinding the coffee beans to your required consistency right through to preparing a the perfect blend for your delicious cup. You can choose between hot, cold, and decaf, with each mode set up to maximize the aroma.

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This gadget is flexible, as you can choose the number of cups to prepare and the extraction temperature of your choice. The Café-Bako Pro comes with preheating and an average warming time of 30 minutes. It is easy to maintain as it has a cleaning mode and a fully washable tank. The Siroca Café-Bako Pro is manufactured from the best materials and comes in gray and black.

Get the Siroca Café-Bako Pro



9. Toffy K-KU6-PA Pickle Maker

Pickles are an underappreciated yet essential part of the Japanese diet. They come in small saucers that get lost on the dining table but are healthy and essential. In Japan, pickles are called tsukemono and have a strong cultural history. The Toffy K-KU6-PA Pickle Maker is one of the easiest ways to make pickles.

Japanese kitchen pickle maker

This pickle maker replicates the weight used on the vegetables to make traditional tsukemono. Its screw-like mechanism turns the vegetables into pickles. Simply put your vegetables and salt in the container, leave the gadget in the refrigerator, and you'll soon have perfect pickles. This gadget is made from polystyrene, polypropylene, and stainless steel.

Get the Toffy K-KU6-PA Pickle Maker



10. Toffy K-HC10 Push Salad Spinner and Slicer Set

The Push Salad Spinner and Slicer Set are other simple kitchen gadgets by Toffy that help prepare the perfect salads. This device brings all the stages of making a salad into a one-bowl process. It handles the cutting, washing, and straining of the ingredients; all you have to do is add the vegetables and water. The Toffy K-HC10 set will end the stress of making salads.

Japanese kitchen salad spinner slicer

The gadget comes with four slicing blades and a grinder for other harder vegetables. It also has a safety handle that protects your hands from getting close to the blades and a strainer for washing the vegetables.

Get the Toffy K-HC10 salad set



11. Balmuda The Toaster Pro

The Balmuda Toaster Pro is here to change how you make toast. This device is excellent for most grilled food, but is best for toast and baked meals. It comes in various modes: regular toast, cheese toast, French bread, croissant, and classic.

Japanese kitchen smart toaster

Then it has the ‘Salamander’ mode, which concentrates heating on the upper grill while getting your food 1.4 times hotter in a matter of seconds. This device lets you have your favorite toast perfectly done in three minutes!

Get the Balmuda Toaster Pro



12. Recolte Compact Bakery

Japanese manufacturers, Recolte, did not exaggerate when they called this gadget a compact bakery. There are 45 functions included in this compact bread maker for working with with dough, including making simple sliced bread, donuts, pizza and more. It also comes with 12 default menus which simplifies anything you want to prepare.

Japanese smart kitchen multipurpose all-in-one bakery

This compact bakery handles the kneading, rising, and baking to give you perfectly baked pastries, all in a compact unit that is easy to clean so it's ready for your next baking adventure.

Get the Recolte Compact Bakery



13. Re De Pot Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker

Many people have heard horror stories about pressure cookers, but this electric pressure cooker is here to change that. It is designed to be safe and easy to use. It offers three cooking modes and options that traditional pots don’t. You can either pressure cook, slow heat, or carry out automatic cooking.

Japanese kitchen smart pressure cooker

With this programmable Japanese gadget, you can program in the temperature range and timing to ensure you return to a perfectly cooked meal. It comes with various temperature settings and makes cooking easier.

Get the Re De Pot Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker



14. Bruno Vacuum Multi-Blender for Perfect Smoothies

One of the primary uses of blenders in recent years has been to prepare smoothies. This process can, however, be frustrating as the ingredients can separate and oxidize if they are not mixed well and if air remains in the blender. This vacuum multi-blender sucks out the air before beginning the blending process, stopping oxidation while mixing, to give you a perfect smoothie.

Japanese kitchen smart smoothie blender

Four modes allow you to decide when to use the vacuum feature or not. It has a stylish yet minimal design, and its vacuum tumbler keeps leftover smoothies safe. You can also use it for juices, purees, cocktails, and milkshakes. This technologically advanced device is comprised of ABS, glass, polypropylene, and titanium-casted stainless steel.

Get the Bruno Vacuum Multi-Blender



15. Tescom TLC70A Core Temperature Smart Cooker

The Tescom temperature smart cooker is a no-water, low-temperature cooking device that gives you a carefully controlled cooking experience.

Japanese kitchen smart cooker

This device is easy to use as you do not need to put the ingredients directly into the device. Simply put your ingredients in a sealed plastic bag, and place it inside the main compartment.

Select an intense or regular cooking temperature mode and start cooking. The device will let you know when the food is ready. Remove the plastic bag and serve the food.

Get the Tescom TLC70A Smart Cooker



16. Curuream Easy Home Ice Cream Cone Maker

Japanese kitchen smart ice cream cone maker

This compact dessert machine brings you the goodness of an ice cream shop right in your kitchen. Using this device by Doshisha is a straightforward process. Let the bowl refrigerate overnight, add the ingredients for your ice cream, and leave for about 20 minutes. Then, you can enjoy your own kitchen ice cream shop!

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This device comes in handy if you have children or throw many parties in the summer. You can make up to 4-5 small cones per session. This device comes with a storage bowl and two spatulas.

Get the Curuream Easy Home Ice Cream Cone Maker



17. Panasonic Rotisserie Oven NB-RDX100

This oven covers almost all aspects of the grilling and boiling needs of the average Japanese family. This sophisticated grill fits seamlessly into the home and has a rotating spit mechanism. It comes with far- and near-infrared heating elements that perfectly cook all types of meat. It has eight menu settings, covering different kinds of grilled food as well as self-cleaning and smoke-filtering system.

Japanese kitchen panasonic smart rotisserie oven

It comes in an elegant design and a micro-computer-controlled mechanism. It can also do a wide range of oven-related cooking, including pizzas, fish, and souffles.

Get the Panasonic Rotisserie Oven



18. Pieria Baked Sweet Potato and Toasted Sandwich Maker

The Japanese love their sweet potatoes in all forms. Eating roasted sweet potatoes is one of the best experiences of the autumn season. This device from Doshisha replicates those experiences.

Japanese kitchen baked potato toasted sandwich toastie maker

It has flat plates for regular sandwiches and toast and curved plates for baking sweet potatoes to delicious perfection. You can achieve this in an hour using the device’s timer feature.

Get the Pieria Baked Sweet Potato and Toasted Sandwich Maker



19. Toffy Beer and Frothy Cocktail Server

Japanese kitchen alcohol beer cocktail server machine

This portable device delivers some of the best beer experiences; it fits almost anywhere in the kitchen and delivers delicious foamy beer. It can accommodate about two medium-sized bottles or cans. It is also battery-operated and creates frost from an ice pack.

Get the Toffy Beer and Cocktail Server



20. Bruno All-in-One Soup Cooker-Processor

It is not news that the Japanese love their soup. Beyond miso, ramen, or white soup, there is a long list of soups the Japanese enjoy, and this all-in-one cooker by Bruno is your best bet to prepare most of them.

Japanese kitchen soup cooker processor

You can pick between pottage, soup, and heat mode. The heat option is mainly for keeping your soup warm once you finish cooking.

The cooker processor has two blade attachments that chop vegetables to the size you want and cook them to perfection. With a one-liter capacity, this electric device can prepare soup for both individuals and for families. It has ivory and yellow color options with polypropylene, stainless steel, and glass finishing.

Get the Bruno All-in-One Soup Cooker-Processor




There are so many options to pick from when it comes to cool Japanese kitchen gadgets. These devices make cooking enjoyable and allow you to prepare meals you usually get outside, right in the comfort of your home. We hope this list brings your kitchen fantasies to life. Happy shopping (and cooking)!

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