The Best Japanese Gadgets for Home You Should Buy

Japan is known for producing innovative and advanced gadgets. Cameras, speakers, gaming devices, and smart home devices are evidence of Japan's history of cutting-edge technological innovations. Japanese companies combine technology with great designs, making the gadgets stand out.

The options for household gadgets are limitless; there is a gadget for anything you can imagine. In this article, we bring you some of the best Japanese devices for your home. You can be sure that there is a Japanese gadget for every room in your house.

Let's get started!


1. Daikin Loop Streamer Deodorizer DSA10W-W

Apartments and homes are getting smaller, so spaces are getting more cramped than ever. Even though we have less space to store clothes, we're not wearing any fewer outfits. Hence, deodorizing the wardrobes that store those clothes, shoe closets, and other cramped spaces is super important.

Japanese electronic deodorizer

The Daikin Loop Streamer Deodorizer DSA10W-W is the perfect space deodorizer if you're particular about your home smelling fresh at all times. Its sleek and modern design screams high quality, like many other Japan-made gadgets for home. This means you can also use it in your car.

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You can charge it with the included USB cable and choose between High and Low deodorizing modes. The gadget lasts up to 9 days on a single charge and has settings for how many hours you want it to work per day. There are no cords, and it weighs 2.6 lbs.

Get the Daikin Loop Streamer



2. Dome Brew Classic Coffee Maker

Japanese smart coffee maker machine

This Japanese home gadget is a Zojirushi Coffee Maker designed to brew coffee at different strengths. You can select between the Classic or Bold brew. The coffee maker can brew up to 12 or 8 cups of iced coffee. It also features Zojirushi's exclusive Taste Tuner to perfectly brew every cup.

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All its surfaces are BPA-free, so they are completely safe for food and beverages. The machine also goes as high as 200°F, resulting in flavorful coffee the way only a Japanese can make it. When it's time to fill your cups, you'll find its lid opens almost 110 degrees for easy access. These nifty design choices are what sets Japanese gadgets from others.

Buy a Zojirushi Coffee Maker


3. Integrated Smart Toilet

This smart toilet will change everything you know about toilet seats. Designed by the Japanese company Toto, G450 integrated smart toilet fits a lot of functions into a compact design. It combines the Tornado flush with Cefiontect to make it water efficient and easy to clean. This ADA-compliant toilet seat is designed for universal height and has a sleek one-piece design. It comes with a heated seat, and you can control the temperature.

Japanese smart toilet washlet bidet

You can pre-mist the bowl before every use. This action ensures the most outstanding possible hygiene as the toilet bowl is sprayed with water to eliminate dirt. This smart toilet system comes with a remote control and hanger. The auto-open and close lid also ensures no unnecessary touching of the toilet seat. The washlet offers three wash options – front, rear, and soft.

Buy a Toto Smart Toilet


4. Toffy HF05 Aroma Lamp Humidifier

Humidifiers are quite common in most Japanese homes. Many humidifiers diffuse aromas into the house, so you always come to that homely scent. However, only a few humidifiers can stay on long enough to give the consistent effects you need. This is where the Toffy HFO5 aroma lamp humidifier comes in. It has a one-liter tank, lasting up to 20 hours, even at the highest, gradually releasing an aromatic mist.

Japanese smart aroma lamp humidifier

You can use it as a humidifier, a light source, or both. This humidifier comes in different colors, allowing you to choose the essential oil of your choice. You must connect it to a power source and select one of the three mist modes. This Japanese home gadget is made with ABS and Polypropylene.

Get the HF05 Aroma Lamp Humidifier


5. Melitta Aroma Fresh Therm Coffee Maker

Japanese smart coffee maker machine bean grinder

This coffee maker by Melitta is not a regular paper-filter machine with a better cup. It is a complete coffee-making system that makes your coffee from scratch. The sleek gadget has an integrated multi-level bean grinding system that takes your coffee from beans to cups. This device has a timer that synchronizes with your morning routine and a double-walled, stainless-steel thermos that maintains the right temperature.

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You can choose either the 6-cup or the 10-cup maker, depending on your coffee consumption and how many people live with you. It is also easy to maintain as it comes with fully disassembled components and cleaning apparatuses. The Aroma Fresh Therm Coffee Maker is made of PP, AS, ABS, and stainless steel.

Get the Aroma Fresh Therm Coffee Maker


6. Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket

Japanese smart electric blanket

If you find your heating system fails to keep your feet warm during cold nights, then this product is for you. The Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket uses electricity to keep your feet and lower body warm through the night. You can set its timer for up to 120 minutes of midnight heating. Its temperature can also go as high as 48°C/118°F.

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Using the eclectic blanket is straightforward. Some users choose to lay it on the bed and slip their feet under it. Others prefer to lay it on top of their duvets. But it can also heat more than your feet. Feel free to wrap it around yourself on cold days anywhere in your house. The blanket is machine washable once you remove the cable. It is made with polyester and weighs about 4.4 lbs, while the cable and switch weigh an additional 0.4 lbs.

Get the Thanko Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket


7. Recolte Compact Bakery

Most Japanese homes can boast high-quality ovens, but only a few have a home bakery. The compact bakery by Recolte may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. This device can make up to 45 different pastries. No matter what you make, 12 menus will complete that process.

Japanese smart kitchen multipurpose all-in-one bakery

Recolte Compact Bakery will handle all types of dough, from bread and donuts to pizza. From kneading to rising and doubling up to baking, this gadget is your one-stop. It is also easy to maintain as you can take it apart. This Japanese home gadget will make you bake more. Durable materials like Polypropylene, stainless steel, and coated aluminum die-cast make up this compact bakery.

Get the Recolte Compact Bakery


8. Panasonic MC-SB85K Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Japanese have a cultural value for cleanliness that transcends generations. Public spaces, office buildings, and homes are proof of this national trait. While other parts of the world struggle with regular vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners have become the norm in Japan. They are a tangle-free, flexible way of cleaning the home.

Japanese Panasonic smart cordless vacuum

The Panasonic MC-SB85K takes the cordless vacuum game to the next level with its “long” mode, which can last up to 85 minutes on a single charge; you clean the entire house without worrying about your vacuum cleaner going off. It has a 150-watt suction power and a newly shaped nozzle that ensures hair and other debris don't block the pipes. It also comes with four extra accessories that include a house dust sensor.

Get the Panasonic MC-SB85K Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


9. Thanko Rakua Mini Dishwasher

The Thanko Rakua Mini Dishwasher is a portable dishwashing appliance that fits on your counter. The Japanese are known to use a lot of dishes for every meal, but more space is needed to house a big enough dishwasher. The Thanko Rakua dishwasher weighs only 8kg and is easily stored. It comes with a 1.8 liter supply jug and washes and dries the dishes. It is easy to operate as all you need to do is turn it on and add detergent.

Japanese kitchen mini dishwasher

You can choose between the regular wash, strong, and water-only wash. You can also use the speed wash if you are in a hurry. This mini dishwasher dries the plates using a hot air mechanism and can handle different dishes, including plates, cups, bowls, teacups, cutlery, and chopsticks.

Get the Thanko Rakua Mini Dishwasher


10. Mushizanmai Electric Bamboo Steamer

The Japanese have always had a natural way of preparing meals. Although modern pots and steamers are good, you must recognize the utility of centuries of cooking tradition. The Mushizanmai Electric Bamboo Steamer by Apix International maintains this tradition and allows you to explore the possibilities. The bamboo steamer is popular for making Japanese staples like Gyoza, Wantam, Shoronpo, and Nikuman. It also steams fish, poultry, and vegetables.

Japanese kitchen smart bamboo steamer

This gadget has an electric heating base, a pot and two baskets for steaming different dishes or ingredients, and a lid that ensures total control. Pour your water, arrange your food accordingly, set the timer, and be on your way. This gadget will bring the taste of home back into your meals. This Japanese gadget is made of different materials, including polycarbonate, Polypropylene, die-cast aluminum, phenolic resin, and bamboo.

Get the Mushizanmai Electric Bamboo Steamer


11. Bruno 360-Degree Classic Stove Fan Heater

Japanese home smart winter portable heater

Winter brings an immense sense of wonder and magic. There are holidays and gifts. And across the globe, people find ways to gather and celebrate the season. But apart from the lovely snowy landscapes, winter also brings the chilling cold. The Bruno 360-Degree Classic Stove Fan Heater ensures that your home stays heated so you can fully enjoy the winter with your family.

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This gadget is a lifesaver if your home has no central heating or you're away from home during the winter. It features a powerful heating stove that you can set up anywhere in your home. A cylindrical grill enclosure protects the stove. It also has a timer for one, two, or four hours and automatically turns off after eight hours for safety. Hence, you can fall asleep without any worries. As the name implies, the Bruno 360-Degree Classic Stove Fan Heater has a vintage design that adds to its appeal.

Get the Bruno 360-Degree Classic Stove Fan Heater


12. Siroca DC 3D Circulator Fan

Many homes have air conditioners for the hot summer days. This means regular fans are of no use in this setting. However, Siroca's DC 3D circulator fan is not your regular fan. It is more than a fan, as it meets everyone’s needs. It serves as a climate control device within the home as it comes with specially designed blades that have an airflow range of 12 meters. It also has a multi-directional head tilt mechanism that moves in different directions than other fans.

Japanese home summer smart fan

When you add that it is a low-noise level gadget with a remote control, you realize that this is the quintessential home gadget for the summer. The DC 3D Circulator Fan has different modes, including one for drying clothes, and can be timed.

Get the Siroca DC 3D circulator fan


13. Re De Pot Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker 2L

Many Japanese love the efficiency of pressure pots but are wary of their safety features. The Re De Pot pressure cooker by Rabit brings a safe and easy-to-use option to your home. It comes with three cooking modes which are more options than the traditional pressure pots would offer. You can pressure cook, slow heat, or leave it on Automatic. You can also preset your cooking mode and time your meals such that you come home to freshly prepared meals.

Japanese kitchen smart pressure cooker

It has a wide range of temperature settings and supports all kinds of dishing and cooking styles. This is suitable for busy people as it comes with a steamer stand, an inner lid and pot, a measuring cup, and a recipe book. You can make up to 8 automatic recipes, including cream stew, simmered mackerel, and apple compote.

Get the Re De Pot Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker


14. BALMUDA The Toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster uses 1300W of power and weighs about 10.2 lbs. All that power is judiciously put into transforming rock-hard bread into the perfect toast. This toaster's key secret is in how it uses steam. It has an opening for water intake, which it sends into the oven cavity to soften the bread's exterior in stream form. The result is bread that is properly cooked inside and outside. Apart from bread, you can also use it to revive leftover pizza to its original freshness.

Japanese kitchen smart toaster

The toaster has two knobs on both sides. The left knob selects the oven mode, from sandwich bread to pizza and reheating. The right knob doubles as the power button and the dial to set the cooking time. Its minimalistic design adds valuable aesthetics to your kitchen space. The toaster is one of the Japanese smart gadgets guaranteed to make you prefer Japanese products.

Shop BALMUDA The Toaster


15. The Panasonic RULO Mini MC-RSC10

This robotic vacuum cleaner by a legacy Japanese company proves they are ahead of the curve. Other robotic cleaners are circular, but the RULO MC-RSC10 comes in a triangular design, making it suitable for cleaning tricky corners and hard-to-reach spots.

Japanese home smart automatic robot vacuum cleaner

This Panasonic product has an infrared and ultrasonic sensor that detects obstacles and ensures efficient cleaning. This robotic vacuum cleaner will clean your home while you focus on other tasks. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

Get the Panasonic RULO Mini MC-RSC10


16. Prismate Chicken Salad Maker

Japanese kitchen smart chicken salad maker cooker

This dedicated chicken salad maker by Prismate allows you to prepare chicken salad conveniently. This gadget is designed for cooking chicken breasts and is easy to use. It has three cooking modes: the fast mode that gets your chicken done in 20 minutes, and two other options that cook in 2 and 5 hours, respectively. This means you can slowly cook your meal and return to well-prepared protein for your salad. The gadget is made from durable materials like PP, PF, Silicone, and flouroresin-coated aluminum.

Get the Prismate Chicken salad maker


17. Epeios ET003 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Japanese home smart sonic toothbrush

This sonic electric toothbrush is a sonic-pulse oral hygiene gadget that offers four unique teeth treatments. You can choose between standard everyday cleaning, a white option for stain removal, or a polish for deeper whitening. There is also an option for sensitive gums. This toothbrush comes in a W-shape with high-density DuPont bristles, perfectly matching the teeth lines. It also has an over-pressure prevention sensor, a USB type-c cable, and an exquisite design.

Get the Epeios ET003 Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Japanese homes are filled with innovative, rare, and advanced gadgets. Every room has a gadget that can make your life easier. With a strong emphasis on innovation and research, you can rest assured that these innovative home gadgets will only improve.

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