How To Buy A Dakimakura Anime Body Pillow? (2021)

Whether you’re an avid otaku, a person who loves to cuddle while they sleep, or a workaholic who has a stiff back, Dakimakuras are what you need in your life.

Different types of Dakimakuras with unique fabrics and benefits have gotten popular recently all over the world.

A Dakimakura can be classed as a pillow, but it is something that can bring about an immense change in the way you sleep and enjoy your time alone.

Many people usually face a problem when it comes to buying a dakimakura for themselves. Well, what exactly do you need to look for, in a Dakimakura? Let’s talk about that.

In this article, we’re going to talk about dakimakura and why you should buy one for yourself.

We’re also going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to buy the best Dakimakura for yourself.

So, sit back, and read this article till the end to satisfy all your anime waifu cravings.




What Is A Body Pillow? (Dakimakura)

Dakimakuras are large pillows that are exclusively made in Japan. They’re more commonly known around the world as "body pillows". These pillows can be useful for a variety of purposes.


Once you will learn about the numerous benefits of a body pillow, you'll want to get your hands on one. Such a pillow can also make an excellent gift for someone who is either having a hard time falling asleep or having some health issues.

Dakimakuras are available in different shapes and sizes with different patterns available on them.

The most popular Dakimakuras are actually made for anime lovers who want to cuddle up and spend time with their favorite anime characters as characters can be imprinted onto the pillows.

The pillows are usually life-sized and that is why they’re considered security objects by people. Reducing stress, calming a person down, and providing physical benefits as well.

Dakimakuras aren’t just for show!

Dakimakuras make the perfect gifts as well. One, they’re super cute and two, they’re incredibly comfy and soft, so you can even lie on them and have a great night’s sleep.

That’s why you should think about getting one of these orthopedic body pillows for yourself or a friend or family member who’s in love with anime.


Why Should You Get A Dakimakura?

Well, first off, we’d like to say, why shouldn’t you? Dakimakuras have so much to offer.

Comfort, security, orthopedic relief, and the warmth of a loved one, among many other things.

In order to help you understand why exactly getting a Dakimakura is a great option for you, we have compiled a list of benefits here. So, let's have a look at these.


  • Orthopedic Benefits

Orthopedic problems are becoming very common nowadays.

Whether you’re an office worker or a business owner, back pains probably aren’t new to you.

You might even have difficulties straightening your back and sleeping soundly without any back support or resting cushions. Long working hours and no time to rest often affect your shoulders and back negatively.

The condition further deteriorates when you use the wrong pillow and mattress for sleeping.

Well, dakimakuras are specially designed to deal with these problems.

You can get yourself a soft pillow for yourself and lie on it or keep it under your back before sleeping and you’re going to have a great night’s sleep. We assure you of an experience you will never forget.


  • Decorative Aesthetics

If you’re looking to make a cute themed room or just decorate empty spaces or even get new cushions or pillows for your sofas and bed, dakimakuras can be an amazing choice for you.

They are unique, extremely cuddly, and very soft.

The pillows can be found in many different categories, so you can choose one according to the purpose you have in mind.

Dakimakuras are designed beautifully, often featuring different themed characters or patterns with high-quality detailing and amazing aesthetics which give the environment they’re placed in, a beautiful aesthetic look.

This is why it should definitely be considered if you’re looking for decorations.


  • Dealing With Loneliness

Well, we’ve all been there. Away from friends and family or just no one to hold and cuddle when we’re cold and feeling lonely.

Body pillows are great for that. They serve a great purpose and that is to replicate the feeling of an actual person.

This is probably one of the most prominent benefits of a dakimakura that attracts a lot of people to consider buying it. The security of having someone you love lying close by is good for our mental health. If you don't have that loved one in real, no need to worry!

Through this, Dakimakuras are able to replicate actual fictional characters and if you’re lonely, you can get one for yourself and cuddle with them when you feel lonely and sad.

Dakimakuras can help you through your loneliness especially if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy.


  • Love For Anime Characters

Another important reason why you should get a dakimakura for yourself is the love of anime characters.

If you’re an anime-loving otaku or just a casual anime watcher and you have a male or female favorite character, you spend some time with them in the comfort of your home. 

You can get custom made dakimakuras or get one of the premade ones that feature your favorite anime characters.

Make most of your love for anime with a cute and cuddly dakimakura for yourself.


  • Psychological Comfort and Security

Mental instability and insecurity are arguably becoming more common nowadays.

People feel stressed out due to many reasons. It could be either their work or an unbalanced personal life. Everybody needs psychological comfort at some point in their life.

Without it, the stress turns to anxiety and then to depression. There are multiple ways to reduce stress and feel secure and happy and getting a dakimakura is one of them.

Well, dakimakuras provide a feeling of security because of their life-sized appearance and their humanistic feel. If you’re mentally stressed and you’re looking for a pillow that you can feel comfortable around, then dakimakuras can be a great choice for you.

These are just some of the reasons why you should definitely get a dakimakura for yourself.

Ultimately, dakimakuras are great and serve a lot of amazing purposes. If you are having any of the above-mentioned problems; lack of sleep, orthopedic issues, feelings of loneliness, and a need for comfort, a dakimakura is what you need.


How To Buy A Dakimakura - Complete Guide


Well, if you’re looking to get a dakimakura for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family, you’re going to need more than just the benefits.

That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide for things that you need to look for and buying dakimakuras with ease.

Once you read through this guide, you’re not going to need to scour the internet to find your ideal body pillow.


Step 1: Find The Right Size

Before you actually buy your dakimakura, the first thing that you’re going to need to learn about is the different sizes that are available.

There are about three major sizes in which dakimakuras are available in the market as of now.

The right size can be selected depending on your height and stature as well as the purpose for which you are buying a dakimakura.

Let’s talk about each of the sizes available.


  • 100 X 35CM

A smaller size of body pillows is available for people who’re looking for decorative dakimakuras.

These are ideal if you’re thinking of increasing the aesthetics of your living space and placing on sofas and your bed. They’re usually cheaper as well, so that’s a plus point too.


  • 160 X 50CM

This is where we’re slowly getting into the life-sized dakimakura scene.

If you’re looking for a cuddle pillow and you’re a beginner dakimakura user, then I’d suggest that you go for this size.

The 150 x 50cm size hits the sweet spot in terms of quality and appearance and is going to be a great choice.


  • 160 X 60CM

The largest size in terms of dakimakuras is 160 x 60cm as of now.

This is a size that is more customized for dakimakura lovers and users. This sized dakimakuras are not only great for sleeping but also for decoration.

But we’d suggest that you get this size if you’re experienced with dakimakuras already and it’s not your first time.


Step 2: Find The Right Fabric

When it comes to Japanese Dakimakura fabric, finding the softest, most detailed, and perfect fabric can be quite difficult.

Well, you don’t need to worry because we’re going to talk about some of the highest quality dakimakura fabrics available in the market.

You will find body pillows from Japan in almost any fabric you can think of. But the most popular ones are:

  • PEACH SKIN – Peach skin is the most widely-liked fabric when it comes to dakimakuras. They’re really great because they offer great detail, durability, and softness. However, they’re not very stretchable.

  • SMOOTH KNIT – Aptly named, smooth knit is incredibly soft and smooth, making the details of the characters very beautiful. This fabric is very stretchable and at the same time incredibly durable as well.

  • PLUSH – The fabric itself is very soft and durable but the problem with plush is that the design and the pictures aren’t very clear in comparison to smooth knit and other types of fabric.

  • TWO WAY TRICOT – The highest quality fabric in terms of dakimakuras is the two-way tricot. It is stretchable, durable, and incredibly detailed making sure that all your dakimakura needs are going to be fulfilled.


Step 3: Where To Buy Dakimakura

Since body pillows are found in many different shapes, sizes, and patterns, you need to find one according to your requirements.

There are L-shaped pillows and extra-long, winding pillows as well in addition to the standard rectangular-shaped pillow that we all are familiar with.

Remember, the original or genuine anime body pillows from Japan are not cheap.

So, you need to look out for counterfeits or replica dakimakuras out there. These might appear to be affordable but in reality, they are low-quality and not long-lasting.

The licensed dakimakuras are available in standard sizes only.

Look out for a 160cm by 50cm, which is the standard size in genuine dakimakuras.


Bootlegs or stolen pillows are often described as [150cm by 50cm].


If you have ever owned a genuine dakimakura before, you will instantly notice after receiving a counterfeit pillow that almost everything including the zipper, the fabric, and the construction is low quality.

It might be possible to find legit products on eBay and other similar sites but the possibility of finding a counterfeit is certainly more on these sites. It is therefore recommended only to buy from a reputable source online.

As you start the search of your dakimakura, we recommend using the ZenMarket search and scroll through the options available as all options will be sourced directly from Japan.

You can checkout dakimakuras from RakutenAmazon, and other shops as you get a better idea of what kind of body pillow you want.


Step 4: Choose Your Ideal Dakimakura

If you’re unable to find the ideal dakimakura having the perfect size and fabric that you need on ZenMarket, you can go and search for any other Japanese Dakimakura seller online and have us take care of international shipping for you.

AmiAmi is another character and hobby shop where you can find a lot of character goods including original body pillows. The pillows available here are standard size and of high quality.

If you are looking for affordable yet good quality and genuine dakimakuras, try Mandarake.

Here you will also be able to find hugging dakimakura covers and sheets as well as talking dakimakuras. You can look at various options from very soft to medium soft pillows.

Once you’re sure that you have the body pillow and cover for you, copy the item's URL and paste them into the ZenMarket Search Bar.

Our website team will perform an item in Japanese checking the price and the details of the dakimakura, once the item has been confirmed we will notify you and you can finalize the purchase. 


Step 5: Make Your Parcel

Well, now it is time to make your package.

Your items have arrived at our warehouse and you’re ready to have them sent to you from Japan.

By requesting a parcel be created, you’re essentially telling the ZenMarket warehouse team which of your items at our warehouse you would like us to place in the same international shipping package.

This is great for those of you that may have ordered your body pillow and covers from different domestic Japanese stores, but you want them packaged together for international shipping to help save time and money!


Step 6: International Shipping

Once a package is made, you’re going to have to add the details of your shipping address and preferred shipping company.

The main concern of all the staff at ZenMarket is to provide you with the best online shopping experience that you can get from anywhere across the world.

That includes your dakimakura and whatever else you’re going to order from any retailers online from Japan.

After entering details, you’re going to provide the shipping fees depending upon your shipping options and our team will make sure the shipping process gets initiated as soon as possible.


Step 7: Enjoy Your Dakimakura

That’s it!

After you have paid for international shipping, you don’t have to do anything else but wait for your dakimakura to arrive.

Now that you’re a proud owner of a Japanese Dakimakura, you can use it for sleeping better, you can use it for decorative purposes or living your anime fantasies.

The possibilities are endless and up to you!


How To Care For Your Body Pillow

Finally, when you get your hands on your favorite item from Japan, you need to know how to care for it.

The first step is to remove the cover carefully. Since it is usually bigger than a normal-sized pillow you are familiar with, it requires a little extra effort to remove the cover safely.

It is also recommended to shake your body pillow frequently in order to get rid of dust built-up and dander.

Fluff your pillow every 2 or 3 weeks to make sure it stays the same and offers the optimal level of comfort.

The best way to clean the anime cover is to use a gentle detergent and wash it in cold water.

It is recommended to air dry the cover instead of using the drying or spinning function of the machine.


Body pillows have recently gained popularity all over the world.

They are unique and highly effective especially when it comes to addressing body aches, feeling of loneliness, and lack of sleep.

If you follow this guide, you’re going to be able to find the ideal dakimakura and get the best prices from any Japanese store online.

Japanese products are made to last a long time, they are durable and effective. The manufacturers make sure they offer good value to the customers.

So, if you have decided to get a body pillow for yourself or buy it as a gift, you have made the right decision to order it directly from Japan!


If you need more information on how to shop with ZenMarket you can click the image below to check out our full in-depth guide on how to shop using ZenMarket, which will teach you everything you need to know about how to buy ANYTHING you want, directly from Japan and have it shipped to your front door anywhere in the world.

Article| 30/11/2020 | Anime