The 4 Strongest Reasons to Pay with Cryptocurrency

4 reliable facts to understand the value of paying with cryptocurrency on ZenMarket!

Digital payments have undergone revolutionary changes in the last few years. The world of international commerce is moving faster than ever. And so must we! ZenMarket is proud to start offering cutting-edge digital transactions for all customers: Cryptocurrency!

But, why offer this new payment method?


1. To grant you the Power of Choice

We already accept various methods of payment on ZenMarket, more than any other proxy shopping service out there.

So it only made sense for us to start accepting digital currencies, known as cryptocurrencies, for your convenience.

If you still haven't read our blog about how to pay with cryptocurrencies in ZenMarket yet, a quick read will clear all your doubts.

You could already add funds to your ZenMarket balance by debit or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro), directly through our website (via Stripe) or via PayPal

You could also add funds via international bank transfer, or through Alipay (for Chinese customers).

This new option to pay with crypto has been long awaited, and we are happy to have finally released it for all countries in the world. 



We decided to accept digital currencies using the CoinGate Gateway.

We value offering a stress-free service for our customers, and CoinGate offers just that!

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method on ZenMarket makes your journey to Japanese shopping more flexible and offers even greater peace of mind when buying! How Zen!


2. Crypto is safe 

With digital currencies, only you can access your funds.

Since digital currencies work on a "push" method, you send out the payment you want to ZenMarket.

With the "push" method used with cryptocurrencies, no one else has access to pull out any money from your account but you; merchants are only able to receive what you send. That means you are always in control!


cryptocurrency - secure


3. Crypto cuts most of the middlemen

Digital currencies are now overseen by the communities that use them.

You do not have to answer to any centralized credit card company or bank in order to use or manage your account. This gives you, the user, more privacy and security.



Cryptocurrencies minimize the amount of trust required from any single individual in the system.

They do this by distributing trust among different actors in the system via an economic game that incentivizes actors to cooperate with the rules defined by the protocol. This means: they are trustless. You don't have to trust - it just works!


4. Fewer fees: More value!

Because there are fewer third-parties involved, the fees involved in paying with digital currencies are lower. Particularly, in ZenMarket they are very low. With less fees, you can do more shopping!



If you were a little on the fence about whether to use those hard earned Bitcoins, we hope this will help you better choose your method of payment on ZenMarket and maybe try buying with cryptocurrencies!

Whenever you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our website or on our social networks below.

Enjoy your shopping! 


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Article| 12/05/2020 | cryptocurrenciescoingatebitcoin