Skyfarers, primals, and a small dragon! What is Granblue Fantasy?

The world is vast and full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered by adventurers and treasure hunters across the skies. Where hidden temples, lost civilizations, and dark dungeons await for any brave souls to enter its depths. Only those who manage to take to the skies in their airship for thrills and riches beyond their wildest dreams can call themselves a "skyfarers." 


Granblue Fantasy, a turn-based role-playing game available on mobile devices and browsers, is developed and published by CyGames and made its debut in March 2014. With an ongoing story and layers upon layers of character classes to choose from, this game will keep you playing for a long time! It brought in some fantastic talent like renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu and art director Hideo Minaba, known for his fantastic character designs in Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XIV. This game picked up a lot of popularity due to these two men working together on the same project again after many years!

In Granblue Fantasy, you take on the role of The Captain, an unnamed character who patiently waits for the day when they too can soar above the clouds in search of adventure with his winged friend Vyrn. One day, their peaceful days are flipped upside-down when they see a shining light fall into the forest from an Erste Empire airship passing in the skies. Curious, their investigation brings them to a girl named Lyria and an Imperial Officer named Katalina, who are trying to escape the empire. While fighting off Imperial soldiers, the Captain suffers mortal wounds, fearing for the worst Lyria chooses to merge her soul with the Captains to save them from death. With their fates now connected to Lyria’s, the Captain and Katalina set off to the mysterious land of Estalucia, the home of the mythical beasts known as Primals, while evading the hands of the Erste Empire. 

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The mobile game is no stranger to collaborations and has been the host of numerous crossover events with Idolmaster, Love Live, Code Geass, and Attack on Titan! In many cases, you’ll see characters from many of these series become a useable unit for your teams in battle! Granblue Fantasy is one of the more ambitious crossover games out there if you haven’t tried it yet!

Love! Live characters in Granblue Fantasy

Just recently, season 2 of the Granblue Fantasy anime started! Have you been watching it? If you haven’t, you can pick up the first season here! It’s a great way to catch up on the story if you don’t have time to play the game. Check it out!

CyGames Granblue Fantsy series

CyGames has been developing a couple more games in the Granblue Fantasy series in the last couple of years. Have you seen them? Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an upcoming action role-playing game being developed by Cygames for the Playstation 4. Taking place in the same universe as the series, there will be a brand new story with appearances by characters from the original game! 

The second game in development is by fighting game developer Arc System Works. Known for their work on the Blazblue and Guilty Gear fighting games, it has teamed up with Cygames to create a Granblue Fantasy fighting game: Granblue Versus! Slated to be released in February 2020, Cygames has revealed a unique and fantastic roster with characters from all around the world of Granblue Fantasy.

Whether you’re into the mobile game, the beat-em-up RPG, or the fighting game, there’s a lot of ways to get into the Granblue Fantasy series! With a composer like Nobuo Uematsu on the team, you can bet there will be plenty of fantastic music you can listen to. There’s also rubber stamps, cups, and clear folders to choose from! ZenMarket even has some rare finds from the Grandblue Fantasy x Love Live! Sunshine crossover!


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So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take to the skies and explore the world! 

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Article| 13/11/2019 | Animegameszenplus