Why Are Retro Games Making A Comeback?

Super Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Sonic. By now if you have or still are playing video games, these are some of the names you would have at least heard. These are names that have been around for decades from humble beginnings on consoles like the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System, Playstation, and the Sega Genesis. 

There are lots of classics that have survived the test of time and continued to flourish on current generation consoles, but others have not. Luckily, there are entire communities that thrive off of playing retro games. 

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Since 1994, people have been speedrunning games starting with Doom, which allowed its players to record their playthroughs. Since then it has expanded from not just completing games as quick as possible, but now different categories have been created for additional challenges like 100% completion, glitchless, or complete specific parts of the game. As a result of this, games you may not have even heard of before are being brought back to life.

Even now, speedrunners continue to push for better times in the original Resident Evil game, known as Biohazard in Japan, and showcasing it at charity events like Awesome Games Done Quick. Other games like Omega Boost and Chrono Cross haven’t seen any sequels since their releases on Playstation but have many runners continuing to play them even now! 

Of course, not everyone who plays retro games is a speedrunner. A lot of games on the Playstation console have left wonderful memories for players growing up. Whether it’s the zany animations and platforms from Crash Bandicoot, the incredible array of characters in the 3D fighting game Tekken, or the suspenseful action in survival horror Parasite Eve, there’s a game that has left an impact on everyone. Nostalgia can have a surprising impact on older players, and a lot of times games can remind us of what it’s like to be a kid again. You’re reminded of the experiences you had as a kid playing games with your friends, your family, or those exciting moments when you beat that one tough level. 

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Plenty of games are being remade on current generation consoles because many players are hoping to see their childhood characters come back to life again. Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 7, and Spyro have all made comebacks on the Playstation 4. Is there any game you’re hoping will be remade? Let us know on our social networks below.

If you’re interested in seeing more retro game speedruns, you can check out Games Done Quick on YouTube here! 

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Article| 02/08/2019 | Toyszenplus