7 Must-Have Touhou Project Merch

Under the alias ‘ZUN,’ Junya Ota created Touhou Raiden in 1995 after teaching himself how to program and to compose game music. He later released his second game, The Story of Eastern Wonderland, the first ‘true’ Touhou game, a slower bullet hell shoot-’em-up game. From here, Zun began kept on experimenting and produced all our favorite Touhou games that we know today, and has no intention of stopping.

Due to overwhelming success, there is a desire for Touhou merchandise. Most of the following goods can only ever be found at Japanese anime and dojinshi conventions, but with ZenPlus you get them shipped to anywhere in the world, and the best thing about it? You’re purchasing directly from the doujinshi! As there’s so much out there, we have cut down the list to 8 must-haves.

Touhou Project Clothing

Touhou Project t-shirts and hoodies on ZenPlusWear your favorite character wherever you go and show your love for Touhou series to the world. Who knows you might meet other like-minded fans like yourself. Choose between a hoodie or a fitted t-shirt - or whichever one has your beloved character on it.

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Touhou Project Plushies

Reimu, Mirasa, Remilia plushies on ZenPlus

Who knew Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Remilia Scarlet would look this cute as huggable plushies? They would be a great friend to sit next to you while playing fighting games. Collect your favorite girl or collect them all and have your very own Touhou squad in your house; you will never be alone again.

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Touhou Project Tote Bags

Red and white touhou project tote bags on ZenPlus

You need a bag no matter where you go, and what better way to let everyone know you’re on Team Shanghai Alice. There are only two kinds of this awesome tote bag available at the moment, but we will be sure to let you all know when a new color or design is released. You can also get the matching hoodie or T-shirt to go with your bag for the ultimate outfit of the day.

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Touhou Project Keychains

cute shrine maiden keychains

If you’re not a fan of the above tote bags or want to be a little more discreet, then, we have the perfect item for you, keychains! There are loads of different types of keychains from PVC to metal. Attach them to your keys, bags, or stick them on your shelve or corkboard, no matter what you do, they will look great anywhere. Where do you usually put your keychains?

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Touhou Project BooksTouhou Project doujinshi books

Build your own Touhou library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion in real-life! Like Hieda no Akyuu said there are lots of rare magic books out there, but make sure you shield them from sunlight to stop them getting damaged over time.

These books are created entirely by doujinshi and were first distributed at the most significant Japanese comic convention (Comic Market) held in summer and winter at Tokyo’s Big Sight. The creators frequently publish in small numbers to maintain a low profile to protect themselves against any litigation they face. This makes these books even more special than they already are, only a few lucky fans will be able to get them before they sell out.

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Touhou Project Figures

shrine maiden figures

Show your devotion for the Japanese bullet hell shooter, and remind yourself of your favorite parts with these adorable figures. Project Shrine Maiden produces some of the cutest and detailed figures around and will stand out on any shelf or collector’s cabinet. Be sure to add any one of these to your collection!

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Touhou Project CDs

Touhou Project CDs

Still, have that Touhou melody stuck in your head? Get it out by listening to the song and supporting the indie shooting game. ZUN deserves more recognition for all the different songs he produces. So far, ZUN has released nine music albums, containing remixes of his earlier PC-98 era as well as his new original songs. Each CD comes with an exciting bonus written by ZUN himself.

Along with these albums, there are also doujin albums that ZUN has helped to release. Out of all the items above, owning one or all of these items will be an ultimate treasure to any Touhou collection. Which album would you like to own the most?

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Couldn’t find the Touhou Project item you’re after?

Don’t worry, take a look at our dedicated Touhou store by clicking the banner below. If you still can’t find the product that you’re after, you can send us some information or a photo of it via our SNS pages. We’re always willing to help you.

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Article| 19/06/2019 | Animezenplus