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Have you ever wondered why Japanese denim is valued by people worldwide? Well, the answer is simple -- quality. Much of the denim that comes out of Japan is a cut above the rest and is made with incredible craftsmanship. Momotaro Jeans is a denim brand out of Kojima, the “denim capital” of Japan, and considered by many to be the holy grail of Japanese denim jeans.


About Momotaro Jeans


Momotaro Jeans’ slogan, “Made by hand without compromise”, speaks volumes about its design and manufacturing philosophy. All of their denim is made of 100% Zimbabwean cotton, which is known to be durable, of high-quality, and uniquely able to better hold indigo dye. Momotaro jeans are also all hand-made to ensure only the best quality. It is said that it takes more than 7 hours to produce one meter of fabric by highly-skilled Japanese artisans!


Japanese jeans are well-known for selvedge in the denim, which helps to prevent the fabric from unraveling and fraying. Momotaro’s selvage is distinct, using pink thread to mimic the peach in the Japanese legend of Momotaro, the brand’s namesake.  


Different Labels

A great thing about Momotaro’s incredibly high-quality jeans is that they have a few different labels to help cater to everybody. Regardless of whether you prefer a straight leg or a slim fit, you’re likely to find a pair of jeans to fit your style. The four labels that Momotaro has are the Copper, Vintage, Battle and Gold labels.

Copper Label: Uses rope-dyed denim that is rinsed in mineral water. Has vivid yellow stitching.

Vintage Label: Uses authentic raw denim in a shrink-to-fit construction.

Battle Label: Uses Momotaro’s famous heavyweight dark blue indigo denim along with its signature white stitching.

Gold Label: The most expensive label, using denim hand-woven on shuttle looms.


Momotaro Jeans is clearly one of the most popular designer jeans brands from Japan, if not one of the more prolific fashion brands in the world. Treat yourself by getting a pair of blue jeans from this label today! Want to learn how? Read on!


Step-by-Step Tutorial


1. Translate The Website



Buy from Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese denim with ZenMarket!

Momotaro Jean’s website is all in Japanese. However, with some help from Google Translate, you can easily translate the page to English so it is easier for you to navigate. Don’t worry about ordering in Japanese, though! We will help you with that.


On Google Chrome, simply right-click and select ‘Translate’.


2. Search For Your Favorite Items

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

If you already know what you want, you can try using the search function on the upper-right hand corner of the website. For best results, we would recommend using Japanese search terms. Need help searching in Japanese? Check out our handy blog post here!


If you would just like to browse instead, there are some great ways to do this. The front page has new and recommended items to get started, but you can also use the navigation bar up top, which has the main categories sorted by Item Category, Label and Silhouette.


3. Browse Through The Selection

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

There are a great many varieties of jeans to choose from to suit all body types and street styles. When deciding which to choose, have a look at the information on the page. Immediate, you can see the sizes (e.g. the Copper Tan Tokuno goes up to 42in), the type of closure (zipper or button), price and more.


4. Choose Your Desired Item

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

When you have chosen your favorite pair of jeans, click on the product to find out more information about it. The product page has important details, including whether your size is in stock, item description, size details and more.


If you have never purchased from Momotaro Jeans before, we highly advise that you measure your size using this guide below and compare it with the size details of the jeans you want to buy.

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

Momotaro Jeans also offers a hemming service when you purchase the jeans. If you would like to have your jeans hemmed, you may request this when you place your order with us. Please note that hemmed jeans cannot be returned, so only proceed with hemming if you are 100% sure of the measurements, which should be measured from the crotch inseam to the hem (D in the photo above).

5. Order with ZenMarket!

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

Ready to order? It is time to hand over to the experienced staff at ZenMarket! Firstly, head over to our website and login. If you don’t have an account, register here (it only takes a few seconds!). After that, just copy and paste the item URL into the search bar of our website and a pop-up will appear!

Buy Momotaro Jeans and other Japanese Denim with ZenMarket

In the Description, don’t forget to include the size of your jeans! If you would also like to use the hemming service, please include the inseam measurements.


6. Pay and Enjoy!

After you click “Add”, the item will be added to your cart and our ZenMarket buying team will check on its price and availability. This may take up to 24 hours or longer during busier periods. Once this is done, you will receive a notification in your account and you will be able to pay for it. We will then order it for you! Once the item reaches our warehouse, you will be able to create a package, choose a shipping method that best suits you, and have the item shipped to your doorstep.


If you need help using our service, please read our how-to blog here.


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Article| 08/05/2019 | TutorialFashion