The end of 2018 is just around the corner, and a lot of Japanese companies have started to release their "Fukubukuro," also known as Lucky bags. Lucky bags are a mystery, and it allows you to enjoy the thrill of opening up a bag without knowing the contents.

SNK has released four different lucky bags featuring products from the world famous King Of Fighters series, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and Metal Slug. This year, SNK has released four different lucky bags varying from 5,000 JPY (about 50 USD) to 100,000 JPY (about 1000 USD). Each surprise bag will contain different products; it could be anything from a Neo Geo Mini to SNK clothing. The value of items is also higher than the actual price of the bag. However, please keep in mind that if you buy two, there is a chance that you might get doubles.

You may be lucky enough to get some of the items below in your lucky bag.

 SNK Items

For every bag, you will be able to choose between size S, M, L or XL. Please keep in mind that these sizes are Japanese sizes, and we recommend you double check your size with our size guide below. Thanks to our collaboration with SNK, if you buy from ZenMarketPlace, you won't need to pay any service fee, and you will get 3% cashback on any SNK product.

SNK Size guide

SNK Lucky Bags (Fukubukuro)

5,000 JPY Happy Bag Mega Shock (worth over 10,000 JPY)

5,000 JPY SNK Happy Bag

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10,000 JPY Happy Bag Mega Shock (worth over 20,000 JPY)

10000 JPY SNK Happy Bag

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30,000 JPY Happy Bag Mega Shock (worth over 60,000 JPY)

30000 JPY Happy Bag

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100,000 JPY Happy Bag Mega Shock (worth over 200,000 JPY)

100,000 JPY SNK Happy Bag

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Looking for individual SNK items?

Don't worry there are loads of other goods like badges, keychains, folders, tapestries, mugs, beanies, and even the bandanas that Ralf and Kane wear! Numerous posters are also available including reprints of rare original posters, take a look at all of the products available here.

SNK badges, key chains, folders, tapestries, mugs, beanies available on ZenMarket


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Article| 21/12/2018 | gaming