Official Keisuke Honda Store

Motivated soccer superstar Keisuke Honda has officially opened the KSK international store on ZenMarketPlace

KSK Store on ZenMarketPlace

The lifestyle brand KSK all started when Honda decided to sell his regular number 02 uniform imported directly from Mexico. The reception from is fans was so astonishing that it sold out in a matter of days. Since then, Honda has been putting a lot of effort to give back to his fans and opened to sell his lifestyle brand KSK. The online store has been running since Thursday, March 8th, 2018 for Japanese fans, but now it is available to all his international fans. ZenMarketPlace ships to over 135 countries worldwide, allowing anyone to shop KSK goods from anywhere in the world. 

Keisuke Honda KSK Store products on ZenMarketPlace

The KSK store does not only sell soccer uniforms, it also sells ties, leather goods, phone cases, and many other goods. 



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Article| 06/09/2018 | Zenmarketplacepopculture