Our top 5 favorite Sanrio characters

Almost everyone knows Hello Kitty, but do you know any other characters from the kawaii universe of Sanrio? In this blog, I will tell you my five favorite characters including four lesser-known characters.

Keroppi (1988)

Keroppi Frog

The famous frog, Keroppi. I couldn’t get enough of this cute character, I had Keroppi pajamas and several pens and pencils.

Keroppi loves adventure, and his bubbly personality makes him popular around the pond. He has a brother called Koroppi and a sister called Pikki. He spends most of his time hanging out with his snail friend named Den-Den. Keroppi is a strong swimmer and a great singer. His favorite food is onigiri, the famous rice ball wrapped in seaweed.


Pekkle (1990)

Pekkle Plushie

I must have been about 8 years old when I had a white T-shirt with a white duck wearing a red T-shirt with a P on it. My mother bought it for me on a trip, but I was completely unaware it was a Sanrio character until I looked through old family photos.

Pekkle is a kind loveable duck that loves to dance and dreams of flying one day. Nowadays, his products are much harder to find but you can still get them with ZenMarket.


Pochacco (1989)

Pochacco Plushie

This little white dog has no mouth and black floppy ears. He often wears a red sports t-shirt and loves to play basketball and soccer. In the mid-1990’s he started skateboarding.

Badtz-Maru (1993)

Badtz-maru chacracter

You’ve probably already seen this character somewhere, it’s Badtz-Maru the little penguin with an attitude. Did you know he loves to eat luxury sushi in the Ginza district in Tokyo?

He collects pictures of all his favorite baddies and dreams of becoming the ultimate boss in the future. Good luck to him!

Gudetama (2013)

Gudetama toy

Gudetama is one of Sanrio’s recent characters. I discovered Gudetama on my adventures in Taiwan. This strange character is indeed, an egg yolk with a funny personality. His name Gudetama comes from “Gude Gude”, means someone with no energy, and “Tama” means egg. Therefore meaning a lazy egg.


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Article| 14/05/2018 | Pop culture