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[SALE] Shop Mercari on ZenMarket for even more Japanese goodness!

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The ZenMarket Mercari integration has been a great achievement for ZenMarket and was a fantastic way to kick off 2023. 

We have already done 2 sales for Mercari, but to us, it still is not enough. 

We are giving our customers yet another opportunity to take advantage of this amazing new collaboration and save even more on their Japan shopping. We are proud to announce that we will be doing another Mercari sale so you can order more of the goods you love!

Offer Ends In (D/H/M/S):

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Get shopping now and save on your favorite stores!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Discount type:
    Service fees reduced to 0 JPY per purchased item (applied automatically on eligible items).
  2. Eligible Items:
    The promotion applies only to Mercari items. Items purchased from other stores or platforms will not be eligible for the service fee discount.
  3. Campaign Dates:
    March 22nd 2023 (2023/03/22) 16:00 ~ March 28th 2023 (2023/03/28) 16:00 JST
    1. Your order(s) must be paid for during the promotional period to be eligible.
    2. Please note that your items might not be eligible for the service fee discount in some cases if your items aren't available for payment immediately due to additional actions needed to complete your purchase. Additional actions may include, but are not limited to:
      • Seller requesting that we message them before making the purchase.
      • Request for lacking item order details.
      • Seller evaluation or verification.
      • User account security checks for high price items.
      • Seller stock levels (item sold out, purchase limits, etc.)
    3. To ensure your order is made within the promotional period, we recommend that you order items at least 2 - 3 days in advance of the promotion ending.
    4. Eligible items will have the service fee discount applied automatically - no coupon codes needed!
    5. Items that are unable to be purchased by ZenMarket and result in funds being returned to the customer will not be charged the service fee (service fee charged only for successfully completed purchases).
    6. Mercari Shops items are not eligible for the promotion.
    7. We are unable to cancel an item after you have clicked the payment button. If you wish to cancel an item for purchase, please do so before you pay for the item.

Looking to start ordering from Mercari with ZenMarket?

Check out our Mercari tutorial to get started.

Mercari Tutorial →
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