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Hello everyone!

What a month February has been - the Lunar New Year Shipping Campaign for South East Asia and the Winter Campaign for the Middle East, the Polish Language Version Launch, and of course the long awaited integration of Mercari into the ZenMarket website

We've had so many campaigns this month, but we don't plan to stop just yet!

ZenExpress 30% Off Shipping Sale via ZenMarket


That's right! ZenMarket's very own shipping method, ZenExpress, is having another sale! Get up to 30% Off* on ZenExpress parcels to Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the USA**  until May 15th!


*Discount percentage varies based on parcel weight and destination.

**For parcels bound for USA, only parcels weighing less than 2kg are eligible for the discount.


What parcels are eligible for a discount?

Parcels to Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the USA** using the ZenExpress shipping method from February 1st until May 15th (JST) are eligible.

Feel free to check out our guide to ZenExpress Standard: ZenMarket's Exclusive Shipping Method.

 **Parcels bound for USA need to be less than 2kg to be eligible for the discount. Parcels bound for Germany must be less than 31kg to be eligible for the discount. Parcels bound for France, Spain, Italy and Poland must be less than 25kg to be eligible for the discount.


How much is the discount?

*The actual discount rate varies depending on destination and parcel weight. The maximum discount is listed in the table below:

Destination Maximum Discount %
Germany 32%
France  28%
Spain 32%
Italy 31%
Poland 32%
USA 22%


When can I use the discount?

This discount will apply from 00:01 on February 21st, until 23:59 on May 15th JST.


Parcels shipped outside of this time will not be eligible for a discount.


How can I use the discount?

This discount requires no special coupon codes. We will automatically apply the discount to eligible parcels so that you don't have to worry about it. Just make sure your parcel is below the maximum eligible parcel weight for the campaign (table below), and to select ZenExpress as your shipping method. How easy is that?

Destination Maximum Eligible Weight (kg)
Germany 31kg
France  25kg
Spain 25kg
Italy 25kg
Poland 25kg
USA 2kg



What if I have multiple parcels? Do I have to choose which one to use the discount on?

No. The discount can be used multiple times during the campaign period.

In other words, ship as many parcels as you like! As long as they are under your destinations maximum weight restriction and can be shipped using the ZenExpress shipping method to eligible countries during the campaign period, they will be automatically have the discount applied.

What are you waiting for?! There's no time to spare! Get your goods now so you can ship them for less, with ZenExpress!



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