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Get to know Ado, the vocalist of One Piece Film: RED UTA.

One Piece Film: RED The new movie from the famous immortal manga series "One Piece" premiered in Japan on August 6th, debuting with a hot income of 1.06 billion yen, and is set to hit theaters in Thailand on the 25th. Ther August 2022

Many fans have already seen the trailer for the movie. And not many were impressed with the powerful singing voice of UTA, the red-haired daughter of Shanks. Who is the main character of the segment


One Piece Film: Red Trailer


Did you know that The person behind UTA's vocals is Ado, a new-wave singer from Japan that became extremely popular in 2020 with a song called Ussee wa!  (Currently, it has over 236 million views on YouTube.) At the time of the release of ther song, Ado was only 17 years old, and most importantly...no one knows what she looks like!

นักพากย์และนักร้องของ UTA One Piece Film: RED

UTA's Japanese voice actor is Kaori Nazuka, and the vocalist is Ado (different).

In this article, we will introduce you to the mysterious wonder woman Ado and all of her songs in One Piece Film: Red.



Who is Ado?

Ado ผู้ร้องเพลงประกอบ One Piece Film: Red

Ado often uses cartoon characters with long black hair and dissatisfied facial expressions to represent herself.

First, where did Ado's name come from?
Ado reads according to the Japanese pronunciation "ado" is derived from the word 迎合 (Kyogen- assentation). Ther refers to the support characters in Kyogen. (traditional Japanese drama) The singer said in an interview, "I heard this word for the first time in a Japanese class. I didn't know the meaning at first. It just feels like it sounds cool." "With this meaning, I want my song to be like a character who is ready to fight instead. or help support the listeners' lives."

That's an excellent meaning, isn't it?

Ado was influenced by her father, who loved music. In elementary school, she first listened to Vocaloid on her father's computer, after which Ado became interested in making music. She started recording her songs for the first time in a wardrobe during the last two years of high school. She created a self-pressing room by pasting paper around the wall to prevent noise.


Ado's work

Ado started releasing her music on websites such as niconico douga, and joined the vocalist for Vocaloid jon-YAKITORY.

เพลงของ Ado

Song: Shikabanese Used to chart at number 1 in the Spotify Viral Top 50 (Japan) and currently has over 12 million views on YouTube.


Ado made her major debut as a singer under Universal music in October of 2020. With furious, powerful, and unique vocals, she made the single Ussee wa! (Noisy!) Her hits quickly hit the charts.

After that, Ado continued to release great songs like Odo, and Gira Gira. Each song has more than a hundred million views on YouTube!

In 2022, fans have heard the good news that the singer is having a big project. as the vocalist for UTA, the red-haired daughter of Shanks. The main characters in One Piece Film: RED

Ado currently has 2 albums in total. Including Kyōgen and Uta no Uta One piece film: RED


UTA's song in One Piece Film: RED

One Piece Film: RED, this part can almost be called a "The Musical" of the One Piece series that has it all. Because during the 1 hour 55 minutes of the movie, you'll hear seven songs from UTA, each one expressing an emotion. and different scenes

uta one piece film red
Anyone who enjoys the storytelling with the haunting soundtrack of Big Mom's Whole Cake Island Arc will surely fall in love with the movie.  

Or, if someone is not a big fan of the musical genre, I want you to try to open your mind to watch this movie. Because each soundtrack is high quality, with Ado's powerful vocals that devour it all: fast songs, slow songs, bright songs, sad songs, and anger songs. She's really got it all. 

In addition, each song has also been composed by the most famous singers, songwriters, and producers. If you scroll down to see the list below, it's guaranteed that J-POP or Anisong fans will be gasping for breath.

โปรดิวเซอร์เพลง Uta One Piece Film: Red

UTA tracklist in One Piece Film: RED

  • New Genesis (New Generation - Main Song) Composed by  Nagata Yasutaka, producer of Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
  • Watashi wa saikyou (I am invincible) Composer by Mrs. GREEN APPLE, best known for Inferno, Ao to Natsu, and Tenbyou no uta.
  • Gyakkou (backlit) Composed by popular song creator Vaundy Hadaka no Yuusha (anime OST, Ousama ranking) and Odoriko.
  • Utakatararabai(Fleeting lullaby) Composed by FAKE TYPE.
  • Tot Musica Composed by  SawanoHiroyuki Composer for Attack on Titan
  • Sekai no tsuduki (World's Next Scene) Composed by Yuta Orisakatan
  • Kaze no yukue (Bringing Wind) Composer by Hata Motohiro, songwriter Himawari no yakusoku for the movie Stand by me Doraemon.


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อัลบั้ม Uta One piece film red


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Article| 11/08/2022 | Anime/MangaMusic


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