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Shipping Restrictions: Lithium Ion Batteries Policy Update [August 2022]

There are incredibly stringent restrictions on Lithium Ion Batteries, particularly when shipping overeas and even moreso when using options that travel via air.

Lithium Ion Batteries are typically safe and provide a good, compact, high density source of energy and are used in tons of both business and personal applications.

Many Lithium Ion Batteries are rechargeable making them very popular for personal electronic devices (PEDs) such as:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Smartwatches, Smartphones & Tablets
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Portable Gaming Devices (Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Portable, etc.)
  • Game Controllers
  • Power Banks
  • Rechargeable Power Tools


li-ion battery in smartphone


Because there are so many devices that utilize Li-Ion power storage, it is important that people look after their devices to ensure device longevity and product safety. Typically, keeping the battery cool and avoid overcharging are the best way that the owner of a Li-Ion device can look after their devices.

If Lithium Ion battery powered devices are faulty or overheat, they can pose risks. Given one result of poorly manufactured or faulty Lithium Ion batteries is combustion, this poses serious safety risks when being shipped, again, even moreso on a plane.

As such, there are are a number of restrictions on the type and size of Lithium Ion batteries that can be shipped by consumers.


Standard Rules for Lithium Ion Battery Shipping

We cannot ship:

  • Separate batteries not inserted or built in a device
    • This includes any kind of portable charging devices.

NOTE: This rule was updated August 1st 2022 - see below for details.


personal electronic devices

Examples: spare battery packs for laptop computer/digital camera, power bank, charge case for Bluetooth earphones, e-cigarettes etc.

  • Devices with the battery’s watt-hour rating over 100 Wh.
lithium powered mower


Examples: e-bicycles, chainsaws, portable refrigerators etc.


For the remaining cases:

  • If shipping with EMS, SAL, Airmail, ECMS Express or DHL, no more than 2 li-ion batteries per parcel allowed.
  • If shipping with UPS or FedEx, no more than 5 kg of li-ion batteries per box allowed.
    • In some cases the warehouse will be limiting the box weight to 6 kg per box for parcels which include multiple lithium batteries (extra 1 kg is allowed to account for the weight of packaging materials). Number of boxes per parcel is not restricted.
  • If shipping to Germany, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Mongolia:
    • EMS, SAL or Airmail cannot be used.
    • At least two options out of UPS, FedEx or DHL are available (please contact for more details)
  • If shipping with surface mail, limitations are stricter than for Airmail. Li-ion batteries cannot be shipped by surface mail to a number of countries (United States, Australia, Singapore, and more), so please be sure to check if your country is in the “Surface mail” column on the page 3 of the following list before placing an item with li-ion battery to a surface parcel.
  • Li-ion battery cannot be shipped with ZenExpress.


Updates to Lithium Ion Battery Shipping Rules

August 1st 2022 (08.01.2022) - The rule for shipping items containing lithium batteries has been changed.

Until now, lithium batteries could not be shipped, unless they were attached to or built into a piece of equipment or device (a smartphone for example).

Now it is possible to ship by FedEx or UPS if the ‘battery is included with the item’.
Please refer to the photo for the definition of ‘battery included with the item’.


power drill with battery included allowed on ZenMarket

It refers to the state in which the batteries are not inside the item, but are included in the same product.

NOTE: Even if it does not come packaged exactly as above, if it sold as part of the same product, it is considered to be 'included'.

Other rules, such as number of batteries and size of batteries still apply.


What can I buy now that I couldn't before the most recent change?

 There are a number of items, particularly with modular add-ons or where the battery was cross-compatibile with other products, that were not allowed to be shipped prior to the change.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Power tools (such as Makita Tool Kits)
  • Controllers that come with additional battery packs
  • Science Kits that require assembly and contain batteries
  • Backup Laptop batteries sold with the laptop


swappable battery with controller
kids electronic car kit

As mentioned before, other Lithium Ion Battery shippping rules still apply.

A good way to think about this is to decide whether a product that does not have a built-in battery, still requires the battery to use the product. If so, it is highly likely that the product and battery can be bought together as a set.

If the products are sold separately, you can not purchase the battery on its own. Please double check to make sure the li-ion battery you need is included with the product you would like to purchase.


I think this item can be shipped but ZenMarket's system says it may be prohibited. Can I still buy it?

Due to the restrictions on Lithium Ion batteries you may encounter the message in the image below.


makita power drill on ZenMarket

This is an automated message on our system. When it comes to Lithium Ion batteries, we want to check that the product is okay for shipping to prevent you from running into trouble with customs after you have already purchased it.

If you think the item will be safe for international in accordance with the rules outlined in this guide, feel free to add the item to your cart - our customer support will then verify the item for you.

Once support has verified the item for you, you can proceed with your ZenMarket order as normal.



If the item is deemed ineligible, you will not be able to purchase it at this point in time. On the brightside though, you save time and money on items that would otherwise get stuck in customs, if they even end up getting shipped at all.

If there is an item you would like, but are unsure if it is eligible, please feel free to check with our support prior to purchasing.


Thank you for reading! If you would like more information on restricted products, please read our FAQ. Otherwise, have an amazing week and enjoy shopping with ZenMarket!


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