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Tokyo Revengers : The Characters & The Story

Tokyo Revengers is a very popular title creating a buzz in the anime community at the moment. The manga was first published in 2017 and has been very well received from the get-go.

The anime version of Tokyo Revengers seriously boosted the interest in the franchise since going to air in April 2021. It follows the story of a guy who finds himself in his body from 12 years ago, when he was a wannabe gangster.

The Tokyo Revengers manga features and attracts readers with a very cool cast of characters, unpredictable and weird events and a love story, but still has all the great elements of famous shonen manga that we love such as Naruto and One Piece.

This, along with the beautifully detailed animation of the anime version, Tokyo Revengers has become an anime series definitely worth putting into your watchlist.

tokyo revengers



What is Tokyo Revengers about?

The main character of the story is Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old man with a life devoid of any excitement. With no joy, hope, or direction in life, Takemichi lives in a dingy apartment, always despised by his younger boss, and has no interest in love.

On a boring day like any other, Takemichi finds out that Hinata Tachibana, his high school sweetheart, was killed by the Tokyo Manji gang - a notorious criminal gang sweeping the city.

This discovery caused a disruption in Takemichi's psyche, in part because Hinata was the only girlfriend he ever had and was the only girl he ever loved. Whilst waiting on a train platform, Takemichi himself gets pushed in front of a moving train and somehow finds himself 12 years in the past in his body from 12 years ago!

Suddenly placed in an unusual situation, Takemichi vows to change the future: save Hinata Tachibana's life by infiltrating the Tokyo Manji gang.

Takemichi and Hinata in the past Tokyo Revengers

(Image above; Takemichi and Hinata in the past)

With an unusual storyline, Tokyo Revergers is a fusion of different genres such as fantasy, action, drama and romance, offering readers and viewers a unique experience.


The Characters of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers has a variety of characters with extremely interesting and unique personalities. Many gangs are featured throughout the story, but the main focus is on the Tokyo Manji, also known as the Toman Gang - a group of motorcycle gangsters led by Manjiro Sano, commonly known as Mikey.

The most important and prominent characters in the plot of Tokyo Revengers:

There are also many other characters from the Tokyo Manji and other gangs.


Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki, sometimes called Takemitchy, is the protagonist of the Tokyo Revengers. He goes back in time and joins the Toman gang to try and alter the timeline that will lead to the death of his high school girlfriend in the future.

"Unlike many male protagonists in famous Shonen series, Takemichi has no particular hidden strength. The truth is that compared to the other members of Toman, he is actually very weak - physically."

nhân vật tokyo revengers

He is a stubborn person who never runs away from battle, is loyal to his friends and will protect them to the end. Because of this, he received recognition and admiration from the other members of Toman.

nhân vật trong tokyo revengers

Although he does not have great power, he does possess the ability to time jump, but can only jump back and forth exactly 12 years. To do this, he needs one crucial factor: Naoto Tachibana - Takemichi's girlfriend Hinata's younger brother. In Tokyo Revengers, he tries to use this power to find a way to change the future and save Hinata.


Manjito Sano (Mikey)

Manjito Sano, commonly known as Mikey, is the head and founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Mikey is a very charismatic person and the glue that keeps the Toman gang together. Add to that his tremendous strength, which members of Toman both gravitates to and fears. This strength earned him the name Muteki Mikey (Invincible Mikey or Unrivalled Mikey) by other gangs.

mikey tokyo revengers

Mikey has a strong sense of loyalty and determination to protect the reputation and dignity of those he considers close friends. He rarely appears weak. His mentality as a leader leads him to believe that as the sole pillar of Toman, if he is weak, Toman will also be weak.

young mikey tokyo revengers
(Image above; Mikey as a kid vs an older delinquent)


Ken Ryuguji (Draken) 

Draken is the second-in-command and is also a founding member of the Toman Gang.

Physically quite tall, Draken is also a character with impressive strength. He has a signature dragon tattoo on one side of his head.

draken tokyo revengers


Despite having the same crazy aggressiveness and similarly tremendous strength as Mikey, Draken is actually a very mature, practical thinker and is extremely caring for his friends.


draken tokyo revengers


Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is the Deputy Head of Division 1 of the Toman Gang.

Chifuyu is a practical thinker and has a calm personality. Like the rest of Toman, he has a great loyalty to his friends and never fights with them. Chifuyu is also not afraid to show emotion in times of need and blindly help people.

chifuyu tokyo revengers

Chifuyu is usually the one who thinks and plans before acting and the one who gives advice to Takemichi.


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Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi is the head of Division 2 of the Tokyo Manji Gang and played an important role in founding the crew.

Takashi Mitsuya tokyo revengers

Despite a difficult upgringing, he is calm, optimistic and brings positive energy to the members of Toman. Mitsuya tends to settle things peacefully but that doesn't stop him when a fight has to be fought.

He always takes care of his two little sisters and is particularly talented at sewing.


Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora was a founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, but as the story progressed he left the crew and became an antagonist.

kazutora revengers

He had a tumultuous childhood and after experiencing many incidents with the Toman Gang, Kazutora's mentality became even more paranoid and unstable.


Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji is also a founding member of Toman Gang.

Baji's personality is a bit crazy. He likes the thrill of battle and always fights with a big smile on his face.

keisuke baji tokyo revengers

He has a strong loyalty to the Toman crew and will do anything to protect his comrades.

Baji is also the only member other than Takemichi to recognize the true enemy of the Tokyo Manji crew and demonstrate his sharp intellect.

baji fighting tokyo revengers


Naoto Tachibana

Naoto is the younger brother of Hinata, the girl Takemichi tries to save the future. Growing up, Naoto became an investigative police officer in Tokyo's Ministry of Organized Crime.

naoto tachibana tokyo revengersNaoto as a Kid

What makes Naoto special is that for some reason he is the necessary element for Takemichi to be able to time jump. In addition, with intelligence, observation, and sharp arguments, Naoto plays a major role in helping Takemichi change the past to create a better future.

Naoto helping to clean Takemichi's apartment

Naoto helping to clean grownup Takemichi's apartment


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Anime Tokyo Revengers will surely have many interesting developments in the future so please follow us and share your favorite moments with us!


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Article| 23/05/2022 | Anime/MangaAnime


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