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How to Buy Angel Blue Clothing From Japan [2022 Guide]

Have you been searching high and low for this nostalgic Japanese fashion trend dating back to about 20 o 30 years ago? Buying Angel Blue clothing can be more complicated than you might imagine due to overseas purchasing regulations. Thus, we have put together this complete guide to possessing your favorite Angel Blue items. 

There are a few options on where to buy Angel Blue clothing such as auction sites like Y! Auctions. Ordering from Japan can be difficult, and that's where ZenMarket comes in!


What is Angel Blue Clothing?

You might often see clothing pieces of the 90s and 2000s popping up on your social newsfeeds. That is typical of the "20-year rule", with fashion trends recycled after a 20-30 year time interval. Angel Blue is one such example that has come back as part of the current clothing trends. 


In 1989, Angel Blue first released its children's clothing lines that targeted tweens. The clothing brand was supported by royalty idols Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji from Mini Mon. Angel Blue climbed the rank in Harajuku fashion in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Not just favorited by the pair singers, the brand even inspired a popular manga series by Nakayoshi called Yumemiru Angel Blue.


Angel Blue combined a set of vivid colors, including marine blues, canary yellows, and hot pinks with bouncy castles that depicted the cheerful spirit of a mischievous girl. 


Angel Blue also has a mascot character, "Nakamura-Kun," frequently appearing in their design. There is a funny story about how this figure obtained its name because initially, the mascot did not have a name. A shop assistant accidentally blurted the name "Nakamura-Kun" when asked by a customer about the character's name. The name has stuck ever since. 


The brand saw a gradual decline in popularity due to its reliance on Mini Moni. Mini Moni went on a hiatus around 2004, and without the support on top of clothing trends changing, Angel Blue's popularity declined. Additionally, with each T-Shirt costing 8000 Yen at the time, many families could not afford it. Thanks to the 20-year rule, we now see its resurgence. 


Types of Blue Angel Clothing.

They now offer four main clothing types: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and lovely Socks!

Angel Blue Hoodies 

Varying in different colors: white, black, and grey, the Angel Blue Hoodies present an adventurous spirit. Featuring Angel Blue letters with adorable hand-drawn cartoon characters, each hoodie carries a simple yet cheerful design with comfy material. Each letter also comes with a multi-colored outline and final touch of the number 89 on the sleeve, symbolizing the band's debut year. 

Angel Blue Hats

Each Angel Blue bucket hat has a cute embroidered Nakamura-Kun's face with the typical long lashes and sunny disposition. The logo is also elegantly decorated with different colors, depending on the hat's color. There are four designs showcased in multiple clothes' colors and styles. 

Angel Blue Socks 

Socks by Angel Blue are super comfy with 100% cotton. They come with the embroidered Nakamura-Kun's face and Angel Blue logo along the foot. The two-color combination is sporty but still contains a cutesy vibe. Angel Blue socks are a perfect addition to the 90's Hikers and bulky sneakers that have also come back in style. 


How to Buy Angel Blue Clothing Using ZenMarket (Y! Auction)

Step 1: Search for Angel Blue Items in Y! Auctions.  

Simply typing in "Angel Blue" or "Angel Blue Clothing" in English will not give you the results you are looking for. Many people who sell on Y! Auctions will write their item and description of the item in Japanese. Putting エンジェルブルー服 (Angel Blue Clothing) in the search bar will bring up the listing of the items. 

 Here are also some quick links to Y! Auctions by clothing item: Hoodies, Hats, Shirts, and Socks

Step 2: Choose Item(s). 

If you found your wanted items in Auctions, then you can set a bid for it. Please note to create an account or log in for this action. Also, read through the description carefully before placing your bid. 

Step 3: Check Item Details. 

Please check item details carefully before placing the bid. Note that you will need to deposit into your account before placing the bid. And that deposit does not guarantee that you have made payment for the item, just a prerequisite for the bidding action. 

Now that you have added your item(s) to your cart, you need to wait for the ZenMarket Team to check your order then send you the confirmation. 

Step 4: Place Your Order! 

After getting the order confirmation email, you will be able to make payment and enter your international shipping address, and your Angel Blue item(s) will be on the way to you. 


How and Where to Buy Angel Blue Clothing (Online Stores) 

Step 1: Decide what store to purchase from. 

The usual options like Rakuten and Amazon carry little to no items of Angel Blue clothing. But don't panic, there are other online stores that carry Angel Blue clothing.

TOD, T-Shirts on Demand, carry a small selection of Angel Blue socks and T-Shirts. 

Narumiya recently released a clothing line that has brought back Nakamura-Kun and similar characters. These clothing items are released under the brand Love Toxic, they carry clothes with a similar style of clothing as Angel blue clothing. 

Step 2: Add to Cart. 

After deciding on the items just copy the URL of the page that has the item that you want.

Paste said URL into the ZenMarket search bar. 

A pop-up will appear and you will have to put in your choice of color and or size in the description box. 

Step 3: Wait for confirmation and purchasing. 

The ZenMarket team will then double-check and make sure that your item is available once you add the product to your cart. 

Don't forget that you have to make a deposit into your account before a purchase can be made. 

Step 4: Place Your Order! 

After getting the order confirmation email, you will be able to make payment and enter your international shipping address, and your Angel Blue item(s) will be on the way to you. 


You did it! 

That's all about it; you have successfully placed the order for your desired Angel Blue item. 

If you cannot find the exact item you are looking for, you can ask for help in the "Find it for me" tab. 

For more details on buying from ZenMarket, please check out our tutorial


Article| 13/12/2021 | Fashionretro90'sTutorial