Domestic Bank Transfers Now Available | ZenMarket

The team here at ZenMarket is always working hard to improve our service and making buying goods from Japan easy.

Today we are pleased to announce that, for a select few countries, customers can now add funds to their ZenMarket accounts through domestic bank transfers!


Why Is A Domestic Transfer Option Awesome?

Regardless of what international shopping services you use, you will eventually run into international transfer fees.

International transfer fees are normally charged by your banking provider or internet payment services you use to send money overseas when buying goods internationally. 

Now with the option to add funds to your ZenMarket account domestically, you can avoid having to pay these fees altogether!

In fact, if your banking provider allows you to make domestic bank transfers for free, adding money to your Japanese ZenMarket account won't cost you anything - making buying goods from Japan even cheaper!


Available Countries

  1. The United States of America*
  2. Belgium (Europe)
  3. Great Britain
  4. Australia
  5. Singapore
  6. Hungary
  7. New Zealand
  8. Turkey

*Users using the domestic transfer option to make a payment in USD may, unfortunately, be subjected to an additional tariff fee. However, any additional processing fee will still result in savings compared to a normal international bank transfer. 

For now, only the above countries will have the domestic transfer option available through their ZenMarket account. 

Don't worry if your country isn't on the list. We will look to add more payment options in the future.

However, currently, we are unable to provide a timeline for when additional countries may be added, but you can be sure we will let you know when we do!


How Does It Work?

Simply head over to your ZenMarket account and hit the "Add Funds" button. 

Check to make sure your billing county is selected appropriately. 

To be able to use the domestic bank transfer option make sure the "Your billing country is (Country)" status is the country where you correctly reside and is also one of the above-mentioned countries. 

If not, you can simply click on the "change" button next to the status if it is showing an incorrect country. 

Once you have the correct billing country selected, you should be ready to go! 


In the payment methods section, you will now see an option called "Domestic Bank Transfer". 

Once selected you will be provided with all the information needed to add funds to your account through a domestic transfer using your banking provider of choice. 

Please double check that you enter all the information correctly when making your transfer, especially your "IBAN" number - this is essential for allowing our system to identify who and what account money is being sent to. 

For security reasons, we ask that you don't share this information unnecessarily and keep your account numbers private. 

Make sure you add funds using your local currency when using this method! Don't use Japanese Yen.


That's it!

You can now start adding funds to your ZenMarket account domestically and save money on your shopping from Japan!

We hope this additional option helps you save some money and the team here will continue to make further improvements to make your lives easier.

Let us know on social media if you plan to use the new domestic transfer option or what country we should try to add next!

News| 28/03/2021 | News