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The much anticipated Johnny's merchandise website is live, primed and ready to deliver the highest quality merchandise to fans all over Japan!

We know just how popular Johnny's exclusive merchandise has been in Japan and the arrival of their online store caused a wave of excitement for fans across Japan. 

Aside from the store-specific memorabilia, you can purchase all of your favorite photos and merchandise easily, with delivery only available within Japan.

For those of you that love Johnny's merchandise, but live overseas, don't worry - ZenMarket has you covered and we are here to help.

With the help of this step-by-step guide, you too can soon get your hands on all the goods Johnny's has to offer.

Step 1: Search For Items

First things first, head on over to Johnny's store homepage, where you can find all those great products you have been craving. It is important to be aware that currently, the website is closed between 2 am and 5 am Japan standard time (GMT +9) for maintenance, so watch out for that when you first try to log on.

It's easy to navigate. As soon as you hit the homepage you will be faced with the familiar Johnny's logo, and just beneath an incredibly useful search tool.

We highly recommend that you scroll down because that is where you will find all of the artist's names, so you can easily locate the merchandise from the artist you after.

The beauty of this is that many of the group names are already translated into English, making it much easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Of course, even for those names that haven't already been translating, we are sure true fans already know what their names look like in Japanese, but just in case you don't, a quick google search or a trip to Wikipedia should provide the answer.

We recommend using the kanji or Japanese characters when you are searching for merchandise of a popular artist as you will often have more search results appear and it will be easier to find what you are looking for.   

Step 2: Select Your Items

Next stop is picking out those all-important goods!

If you are looking to narrow down your options, you can use the pink hashtags, or click one of the three tabs that appear above the lists of items

  • 写真 - Photos
  • グッズ - General goods
  • CD/Video

This will help you to fish out exactly what you are looking for far quicker.

For most goods, you can access the product simply by clicking on the photo, however, for general goods, you may need to click a few more times to bring you to the page you are looking for.

Once you have selected your product of choice, you'll be taken to a new window that displays the price and further product details listed underneath. Take note of the item's webpage URL as you will need that in the next step. 

Step 3: Add To Cart

Unfortunately, although you can create an account with Johnny's online store regardless of where you live, delivery is only available if you're living within Japan - so here is where ZenMarket comes in! 

I'll need to create an account with ZenMarket to complete the rest of the steps, but after that, you are good to go.

Once found the product or products you would like to buy from Jonny's online store, take a note or copy each product's webpage URL.

By typing or pasting the URL link of the items you are looking to buy into our ZenMarket search bar, you will be able to add each item to your ZenMarket cart by clicking the search icon button.

Alternatively, you can add the item to your basket by clicking the '+' link on the right-hand side of the search bar and then paste your item's URL link into the pop-up window. 

This pop-up window will allow you to customize your item choice with size, colors, quantities, and other options that may be available for that specific item. 

Describing the item and the variation you want to buy such as size, color, or other options available in as much as much detail as you possibly can make the item processing a little faster, so we highly recommend making use of this box!

Johnny's has an online purchase cap, meaning that the maximum copies of a single item you can order is 5 copies per individual product, with a total cap of 200 photos/items per order.

These limits have been set up by Johnny's store itself so is currently non-negotiable.


Step 4: Add Funds

Once you have added your items to your ZenMarket cart, one of our website operators will confirm your order. 

When your order has been confirmed, you will be provided with payment information which will normally include:

  • The cost of the items.
  • The charge of domestic delivery to our warehouse.
  • A 300 yen service fee per unique item (5 copies of the exact same item is only 300 Yen, not 1200 Yen)

You will then be given the option to add your funds to cover the cost of your order.

When you add funds to your account, they will appear as a balance upon your account.

Go directly to your cart with your already confirmed items and then click on the 'pay' button which appears in orange, this will confirm your purchase and your items will be ordered! 


Step 5: International Shipping

After our warehouse has received your order, you can arrange international delivery to your address.

To ship your items abroad, you will need to click on 'create a new package' which you will find under the parcels tab on the left-hand side of your account. This allows you to fill in your shipping address as well as organize your items into packages.

Once you have completed this, your package will be weighed, measured, and packaged for international shipping.

We'll provide you with a quote for your international shipping fees and that's it!

Time To Get Excited!


It really is that simple! Your items from Jonny's will be on their way to you.

Now it is time to get excited in anticipation of receiving your Johnny's order and wait for the mailman to knock on your door!

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with a friend or check out our other blogs on how to buy whatever you need from Japan. 

Why Shop with ZenMarket?

As it stands the only place to order Johnny's merchandise is from Johnny's themselves unless you would prefer to buy Jonny's items secondhand through sites like Japan's Yahoo Auctions! - which we can also help you with (Link to that guide here).

ZenMarket allows you to place orders for authentic Johnny's merchandise no matter where in the world you live, providing you with the access you truly deserve, with our service you can buy anything you want from online Japanese retailers, not just goods from Johnny's.

If you are interested in more information about ZenMarket click the image below that will take you to our full tutorial on how to use our service. 

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