Another Pikachu Illustrator Card! SOLD For $208,000

 It wasn’t too long ago that earlier this year ZenMarket was celebrating breaking a world record by selling the world’s most expensive Pokémon card – a “Pikachu Illustrator” card that tipped the scales at $233,000 (25,000,000 JPY).

Less than 6 months later, Pikachu strikes again!
Although not breaking any world records this time, another “Pikachu Illustrator” was sold through our ZenPlus marketplace for a shocking $208,496 (22,000,000 JPY).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what is so special about these“Pikachu Illustrator” cards, this Pokémon card could only be obtained through a Japanese comic contest in 1998. From the 39 released initially, there is said to be only 10 left in the world.

It even features art by Atsuko Nishida - the original illustrator of Pikachu.

If you are interested in finding out more about this legendary Pokémon card or just want to know what the Japanese text translates to in English, then click this link to see our previous “World Record-Breaking $233,000” blog.


Electrifying heights

If more than $200,000 isn't enough to spark your interest when it comes to the value to be found in rare collectible trading cards, you'll be happy to know that little ol' Pikachu has much more juice left in the tank.

How does over $360,000 (38,000,000 yen) sound?

That's the price of yet another oh-so-rare Pikachu Illustrator card being listed on ZenPlus right now - again from the ever-exciting pokemonmania store.

With figures like that, it's no wonder people deem Pikachu Illustrator "the most valuable and rarest Pokémon card in the world."

Who knows what valuable heights it - and other Pokémon cards - will reach going forward?



More treasures out in the wild

For all you Pokémaniacs, budding collectors, and online treasure hunters out there, don't worry if Pikachu isn't in your trading card Pokédex just yet! At ZenPlus, you'll find a hefty selection of other uber-rare Pokémon cards that will definitely turn heads and get people talking. Check out a few below! (Credit to Bulbapedia for much of the info mentioned.)



1) Shining Mew

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Set: Unnumbered Promotional card (Japan exclusive)
Year: 2001
Price: ¥45,095 ($400+)

Who out there has fond memories of rocking up to a special Nintendo event at their local mall, original Pokémon Red or Blue in hand, ready for smiling staff members to download the elusive Mew onto their cartridge? We sure do!

In Japan, Mew found its way into 10 lucky trainers' hands not via mall, but monthly manga magazine - namely, the "Legendary Pokémon Offer" found in a 1997 issue of CoroCoro Comics.

CoroCoro Comics clearly holds Mew dear to their heart, because in their May 2001 issue they included this gem of a card for readers to ooh and aah over - and now with ZenPlus, you can do the same!


2) Shining Charizard

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Set: Neo Destiny expansion ("Darkness, and to Light...")
Year: 2001
Price: ¥372,450 ($3,500+)

"So what did you choose - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?"

Life is full of tough choices, and for a fledgling Pokémon trainer in the mid-90s, none was tougher than deciding which starter Pokémon to go with: the botanical Bulbasaur, the fiery Charmander, or the aquatic Squirtle.

We all had our favorite - and maybe, just maybe, so too did the creators of the Pokémon TCG. After all, it seems Shining Charizard (the final evolution of Charmander) here was the first of the original trio to get the "Shining" treatment, where the illustration of the Pokémon itself - rather than the background - boasts a cool metallic, holographic effect.

ZenPlus is proud to have the so-called "crown jewel" of the Neo Destiny set on offer for collectors worldwide!


3) Grand Trainer Certification

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Set: Unnumbered Promotional card (Japan exclusive)
Year: 2000
Price: ¥113,894 ($1,000+)

Just like the University Magikarp at the start of this list, this card isn't just a collectible - it's legit Poképroof of a trainer's hard-earned battle scars.

The Grand Trainer Certification was awarded to winners of a special lottery open only to those who had collected 50 stamps (in other words, battled 50 other players) throughout the course of a tournament campaign dubbed "Grand Party 1999-2000."

With stages of the campaign featuring names like "Challenge Road," "Battle Road," and "Champion Road," you can only imagine the prestige and glory that having this card on your mantelpiece meant for all those involved.

...And now, 20 years later, that prestige and glory can be yours to savor!


4) Fan Club Eevee

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Set: Unnumbered Promotional (Japan exclusive)
Year: 2000
Price: ¥437,184 ($4,100+)

Adorable, evolvable Eevee's popularity has stood the test of time since its debut in the original Pokémon games - so much so that it became the tandem mascot for the Let's Go! remakes in 2018 alongside the unstoppable of unstoppables, Pikachu!

Jump back in time to the year 2000, which saw the release of this Pokémon Card Fan Club exclusive in Japan. Though the card was made available in English later on in the year, it featured different artwork that - most unfortunately - dropped Eevee's naww-inducing little wink.

If you ever find life getting you down, you can guarantee this Japan-only Eevee card will aid your evolution to a state of supreme bliss!


5) University Magikarp (Out of Stock)

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Set: Unnumbered Promotional card (Japan exclusive)
Year: 1998
Price: ¥3,200,000 ($30,000+)

Lastly, everyone's favorite secret weapon, the often-misunderstood Magikarp!

This promotional exclusive was awarded to the winners of a two-day group tournament held in Osaka, Japan in 1998. Participants consisted solely of elementary school kids who had successfully passed a so-called "Tamamushi University Hyper Test" published in popular Shogakukan magazines at the time.

A mere 1,000 cards were intended for issue at the event, though who knows how many were actually awarded, or are even in circulation today...


Just the tip of the TCG iceberg

Along with the release of the new Pokémon music video "GOTCHA!" (see some awesome reactions below), it seems that - especially recently - Pikachu and its Pokémon buddies are popping up aplenty. If you are interested in getting your hands on some Japanese Pokémon cards, you can check out our Trading Card showcase containing lots of individual cards, decks, and booster packs from your favorite TCGs.

A huge "Thank You" to all the Pokémon and TCG collectors worldwide that trust ZenPlus and ZenMarket to secure all their card collecting needs!


News| 03/11/2020 | PokemonPokémon