Shipping Delays: What happened last Wednesday?

Our customer support team has been hard at work replying to all of your messages sent online and through the website, with every new message being placed in our queue system and answered in the order they are sent to us.

We understand it can be frustrating, especially in these stressful times for everyone, and truly apologize if you have experienced delays in receiving a response to a message you have sent us recently - some cases are more difficult than others, but we are working hard to reply to all questions and solve any and all types of issue that arose during this global pandemic.


Where did our staff go?

With that said, you may be wondering, with all these customer messages to reply to, why on Wednesday (June, 17th) did ZenMarket's Marketing team not respond or post any new content to our social media? 


Because the office staff at ZenMarket weren't at their desks on Wednesday - instead, we all personally went to attend to your parcels at the warehouse!


Some of the items received just on that morning...


COVID-19 has caused delays in shipping times domestically and internationally; we are unable to affect the speed at which courier companies are able to deliver parcels, but what we can do is help pack your items as quickly as possible!


(In order of arrival!)


What is being done?

With the rising costs of international shipping, various shipping methods becoming unavailable, and with the logistical inconveniences caused by the measures taken by many countries, we decided some time ago to store the items of everyone affected, for free, at our warehouse for 120 days.


Thanks to your kind support, since then, we hit a record number of orders!


However, it is getting pretty difficult to navigate through all the stored parcels at our warehouse, which is why we are also currently updating the warehouse layout by increasing the amount of shelves, the efficiency of the working space, and making more room for additional staff to start working on your items and parcels as soon as possible.


While these changes are underway, some customers may experience a larger delay than usual in parcel creation, shipping or website replies.


How can you offer support?

If your parcel is already packed and stored in our warehouse, and you have an available shipping method, please kindly ship your items as soon as you can to help us free up space and serve all customers more quickly.


Next steps

While the CEOs and marketing team were at the warehouse organizing and packing all your parcels, the customer service and logistics team were hard at work not only trying to reply to all of your messages, but creating cheaper shipping options and new payment methods for all our customers!


We know the price of international shipping has been on the rise due to COVID-19 and our team is constantly reaching out to new mailing services and partners to give you as many options as possible and more flexibility with how you receive your items.


Many of you are still receiving parcels on time and we are delighted to hear from all of you that have been finding the face masks we have been putting into as many parcels as we can - we want you all to stay safe and look after yourselves.  



Thank You!


You'll find the office team stepping back into the warehouses again this weekend and next week to help send as many parcels as quickly as possible - we are sorry if our social media posting slows down because of this, but we wanted to let you know what is happening, keeping you up to date with the situation here in Japan is vital to maintain trust between one another- something ZenMarket never takes for granted. 


We learned a lot from this unfortunate situation, but we are confident that it has only made us stronger! You can rest assured that in the long run, these updates will make our work much more efficient and we will become even faster than we originally were before all of this started!


We are sorry again for any disturbances you may find when ordering items from Japan, but rest assured, everyone here at ZenMarket is working as hard as they can to make sure you get your items as quickly and as safely as possible. 



The Your ZenMarket Team

News| 19/06/2020 | News