How Much Does A Beyblade Cost? [Guide with Prices]

Arguably one of the most popular collectible games to come from Japan in the last 10 years, Beyblades are here to stay.

We have been shipping Beyblades international from Japan for over 6 years now and we can tell you that the game is only becoming more popular with more players joining the game regularly.

With more people wanting to get into Beyblades and start playing, we often find that many new players have questions with regards to the cost of Beyblades and what kind of prices they should expect to pay when first starting out.

Below we have put together a guide for new players that answers your common questions when it comes to buying Beyblades, not only domestically, but also the cost involved in buying Beyblades directly from Japan. This will help you decide what option is best for you!


How Much Does A Beyblade Cost?

Currently, new Beyblades can be purchased for around $9.84 USD with prices ranging from $2.99 USD to $27.99 USD. The average value of a Beyblade is approximately $24.15 USD. However, this price can change depending on various factors including whether you are attempting to buy a newly released model, second hand, limited edition, Japanese exclusive, or other buying considerations. 

 Beyblade USA Price



How Much Do Beyblades Cost In Japan?


In Japan, a newly released Beyblade has an average value of 982 Yen ($9.15 USD), and prices can range from between 380 Yen ($3.54 USD) Yen to 1600 Yen ($14.90 USD).

These prices will obviously change and fluctuate depending on the age and rarity of the Beyblade model you are attempting to buy.

From our experience of selling thousands of Beyblades over the last few years, many people, our customers included, consider it cheaper to buy certain Beyblades directly from Japan, especially the rarer and Japanese exclusive Beyblades.

If you are looking to get your hands on some of the rarest Beyblades available here in Japan, you can expect to pay prices upwards of 15,000 Yen ($140 USD) for some Beyblade models.


How Much Do Beyblade Burst Cost?

 BeyBlade Burst

Currently, Beyblade Burst edition (latest generation) Beyblades can be purchased new, starting from between $9.68 USD and $17.99 USD in the USA.

Beyblades in the USA are available from a wide selection of stores including large chains such as Walmart.

If you don't mind buying secondhand, eBay is always an option for those of you living outside of Japan and want to buy domestically for a cheaper price. However, please take care when ordering any Beyblades from eBay to make sure they are genuine.

Unfortunately, with the rising popularity of Beyblades over the last few years, so too have we seen an increase in the number of counterfeit Beyblades entering into the market.


Of course, use your own discretion and you are free to buy from whichever site best suits your needs, but we would recommend avoiding buying any Beyblades that are being shipped from China.

Although genuine Beyblades can be purchased from China, we have heard too many disappointing stories from new customers that ended up paying for counterfeit Beyblades before coming to us.

Beyblade Burst Japan

In Japan, upon release, starter Beyblades such as "Starter Kerbeus Central Defense" were sold at retail for 1296 Yen ($12.08 USD) with newer Beyblades such as "Booster Super Hyperion.Xc 1A" being sold at 1397 Yen ($13.02 USD).

It is not uncommon for Beyblades to be released in Japan first before the rest of the world, with some Beyblades only ever being released exclusively in Japan - Not great for those of you living outside of Japan, but that's where ZenMarket comes in to help!


How Much Do Beyblade Stadiums Cost? 

 Beyblade Stadium USD

In the USA, basic BeyStadiums can be bought new as cheap as $9.84 USD, but if you are wanting to upgrade to better Beystadiums for a better battle experience, you can expect to pay prices of around $29.99 USD and upwards.

That may seem like a sharp increase in price, but keep in mind that many new BeyStadiums often come with Beyblades, so you will need to take that into consideration when evaluating the price.

For those of you that already have a solid Beyblade collection and are just interested in buying a stadium by itself, buying secondhand may be a better choice that can help you save some money.

However, the same warning with regards to buying Beyblade products secondhand applies when buying Beystadiums - if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Take caution!

Beyblade Stadium Japan

The average price of a new BeyStadium in Japan is 2100 Yen ($19.57 USD) with cheaper stadiums such as "B-33 BeyStadium Standard Type" being released at 1680 Yen ($15.66 USD) and premium BeyStadiums such as the "BB-51 Extreme BeyStadium" costing as much as 5775 Yen ($53.82 USD).

Depending on the stadium you are after, buying secondhand from Japan can be a great option as most stadiums come in great condition and prices are often reasonable with the chance to grab the occasional deal!


How Much Does A Beyblade Launcher Cost?

 beyblade launcher

Potentially the most overlooked accessory for newcomers to the Beyblade scene, Beyblade launchers and grips can also be bought separately.

In the USA you can buy launchers new for as little as $3.98 USD depending on where you look, but most launchers at this price range can often come free when you are purchasing a Beyblade.

If you are new to the game, we would recommend just using the launcher that comes with whatever Beyblade you decide to buy first. After you get the hang of things, you can then look into getting some of the more premium launchers or grips that can add another layer of customization to not only the design of your Beyblade, but they can also affect the performance of your Beyblades during battles.


Some of the more recent premium launchers can be purchased for $9.84 USD in the USA with some of the rarer and more in demand launchers and grips increasing in price from there.

From Japan, if you are ready to start customizing your Beyblade gear, you can buy new grips on average from 680 Yen ($6.36 USD) - 880 Yen ($8.23 USD), but expect prices to rise as you start looking to buy the rarer grips and launchers.

 beyblade auctions

We hope you found this quick guide helpful!
If you still have questions about ordering Beyblades, or anything else from Japan for that matter, then feel free to send us your questions and we will do our best to help.


If you are interested in buying Beyblades directly from Japan, check out our dedicated Beyblade page where we have links to some of the more popular Beyblades products along with video guides on how to find and buy rare Beyblades! - ZenMarket Beyblade Page.

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