Found A Mask?

If you received your parcel recently, you might have found something there that you didn’t expect. A mask.

It's not a mistake or an accident. It’s just a surprise. We know it isn’t much, but we wanted to give you, our community, a little bit of support after all the support you have given us.

This is a complimentary mask from ZenMarket, and a small reminder, that everything is going to get better. There’s a lot of negative news right now, but let’s remember that we have each other to get through this. If we all make a small effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, we will be able to overcome this pandemic together. 

We still have some masks in stock, and while they last, we will include them in our parcels for free (one mask per parcel). You can expect to find a Luna mask (the name of the yellow bunny in the picture) if your parcel is being sent to you around this time.

The mask and the thin flyer are very light and won't affect your parcel's weight significantly. But if by any chance you don’t want them in your parcel, just choose the “NO ZENMARKET LOGO STICKERS ON THE PARCEL” option when creating a parcel.

That’s all for today! Stay safe - Stay Zen.

ZenMarket Team

News| 20/05/2020 | News