Happy 6th Birthday !

It's April 1st and ZenMarket turns 6 years old today!

Happy Birthday Everyone!


For our 5th birthday, we introduced ourselves and the story behind ZenMarket.

But this year, despite the current situation, we wanted to create a fun way to give back to you all and celebrate our 6th birthday.

[Our 5th birthday introduction video below]


For April, we plan to do weekly quizzes through Facebook Messenger and give you all the opportunity to win points for real prizes!

This is no Joke! There will be 4 quizzes, one per week, each with a different theme, alongside surprise quizzes that can come at any time!

By completing Quizzes you will earn points which you can use to enter into raffles for prizes and get rewarded with credit start to your ZenMarket account.   

And what better way to kick things off than with an Anime & Manga Quiz!

Remember to post your score by leaving a comment on our pinned Facebook post, as we will be giving out extra points and prizes to those that do!  

You can also earn extra points by sharing the quiz with a friend once you have completed it.


Enter the Quiz Now!

Good Luck!

News| 01/04/2020 | News