Are You Ready Hunters? Diving Headfirst Into Monster Hunter

Rathalos, Gore Megala, Zenogre, and the Lagiacrus. These are just a few of the most memorable hunts you can find in the Monster Hunter series. A game about uncovering the secrets of lands infested with monsters. You are a hunter. One of many around the world who hunt monsters of different ranks, procure materials for travelers or even act as an escort for others. 

Monster Hunter on PlayStation 2

In 2004, Monster Hunter was released in Japan by Capcom on the PlayStation 2 and saw immediate success, with over 1 million copies sold. The series quickly expanded to handheld systems which better supported its multiplayer feature, and as a result, when Monster Hunter 4 was released in the west, its popularity skyrocketed. Capcom has received plenty of community support in the form of cosplay, fan art, and even design contests for new armor and weapons

Monster Hunter's freedom

Monster Hunter gives you the freedom to play; however, you want. Whether you prefer to get up in the monster’s face with a longsword or if you would rather attack from a distance away using the heavy bowgun, there’s a large variety of weapons you can use that may suit your style of play. Play with friends and team up against some of the fiercest foes that exist or play on your own to challenge yourself.

Skills and equipment in Monster Hunter

Every time you set off on a mission or if you want to explore, the world is always changing. Sometimes you’ll be treated to a fight between two monsters and other times you’ll get a chance to fight a rare mark. One of the best features of the Monster Hunter series is the fact that levels do not matter. Hunters rely on their skills and their equipment to beat some of the toughest monsters in the game, and for that to work, you must keep hunting to hone your skills and gather materials for stronger equipment.

Monster Hunter 4D attraction at Universal Studios Japan

The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to collaborations. From magazines like Dengeki, restaurant chains like Pizza Hut, to getting special outfits from other video games! If you’re playing Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, you might notice a nice cameo in the story mode by the deadly Rathalos. One of the most significant collaborations with Monster Hunter is the 4D attraction ‘Monster Hunter - The Real’ at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Visitors had the opportunity to do fighting poses with monsters as well as check out an exhibit with real-life versions of the equipment from the game! Isn’t that awesome?

Speaking of amazing designs, have you seen all of the fantastic cosplays people from around the world have created based on the monsters and armor in the game? Amazing cosplay duo from Australia, A.K. Wirru and K Cosplay, created the Azure Starlord armor set for the World Cosplay Summit this year!

Monster Hunter 2020 Movie

With the growing popularity of Monster Hunter in the west, there is even a movie in production coming out next year! While there hasn’t been a lot of coverage online, what we’ve seen of the images currently online of the costume designs have been amazing! The movie is due for release on September 4th, 2020 so there’s still time for more content to show up online.

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Article| 05/08/2019 | zenplusToysgaming