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Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket Quiz (Answers!)

Did our Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket quiz stump you? No worries, we’re here to help you out! In this blog, we’ll explain the quiz answers so you can better understand our service.


Which of the following payment methods can you use on ZenMarket?

There are many ways you can pay for your items on ZenMarket. We accept credit/debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) through Stripe, PayPal, AliPay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, and international bank transfers.


Where does ZenMarket not ship to?

This is a bit of a trick question! It is impossible for you to know all the countries that ZenMarket ships to (we ship almost everywhere in the world!), but the one country we definitely do not ship to is Japan. We prominently highlight this when you are creating a parcel!


How does ZenPlus (previously ZenMarketPlace) differ from ZenMarket?

ZenPlus, which used to be known as ZenMarketPlace, is our very own shopping platform where you buy directly from sellers who choose to sell through us. You can find many great things on ZenPlus, both new and preloved. The key difference between ZenPlus and ZenMarket is that buying an item from ZenPlus will not be subject to our ZenMarket service fee. You will still be responsible for shipping fees.


How can you check the condition of your item when it reaches the warehouse?

If you are worried about the condition of an item before we ship it internationally, you should definitely use our photo service. For 500JPY, we will help you take 3 photos of your item and send them to you when the item reaches our warehouse. Please do not call our warehouse or email customer support! They will be unable to help you out.


How many days can you store your item at our warehouse free of charge?

You can store an item at our warehouse for up to 45 days completely free of charge. After that, you will be charged 50JPY/day for up to a total of 90 days from the day the item first reached our warehouse. Every night at 7 pm, an automatic system at the warehouse checks the items, and if at the time of the check, the item has been stored at our warehouse for over 45 days, 50JPY will be charged. Please note that one day is counted as every 24 hours after the item has arrived at our warehouse. Items are also counted as being stored in our warehouse as long as they are physically present, so even if you create a parcel on the 45th day, the fee will be deducted until the parcel is dispatched.


Items stored past 90 days are disposed of without compensation.


We offer a reinforcement service to strengthen your parcel for fragile and valuable items. How much does it cost?

Our reinforcement service costs 1000JPY. This is an optional service that you are welcome to opt for. Our parcels are typically strong enough to endure normal shipping conditions, but if your parcel is big, heavy or contains valuable items, we would recommend using the reinforcement service.


We offer a photo service for your items. How many photos do we take and how much does it cost?

For 500JPY, you will get 3 photos of your item when it reaches your warehouse. This is a great way to ensure your item is not damaged before we ship it out!


How much does shipping insurance cost?

If you are shipping via EMS, AVIA or SAL services, we help you cover your insurance fees, so it is completely free! However, if you opt for Small Packets, there is a maximum compensation value of 6000JPY. If your item is worth more than this, we offer our own insurance that would allow you to receive full compensation in case your parcel is lost by the postal service. This is optional for an additional fee.


For shipping methods other than EMS, AVIA or SAL, optional insurance fees are charged separately.


Which of the following is true about cancellations?

For Yahoo Auctions, you are not allowed to cancel your bid once you have won an auction. However, for orders placed with other stores, the circumstances vary. Typically, the most important thing is that the seller has to agree to your cancellation. If the seller agrees to your cancellation and you have a strong reason to cancel your order, you will be responsible for the following fees, depending on which stage your item is at in the order:

  • Before the item has shipped to our warehouse: cancellation is free.
  • After the item has arrived at our warehouse but before international shipping: 1000JPY cancellation fee, domestic shipping fees to send the item back to the seller, any optional fees if seller requests for them. The 300JPY ZenMarket service fee is refunded.
  • After you have received the item: 1000JPY cancellation fee, international and domestic shipping fees to send the item back to the seller, any option fee if seller requests for them. The 300JPY ZenMarket service fee is refunded. It is important to realise that many stores only accept returns within a certain period, so a cancellation in this stage is only possible if your item is able to arrive back in time for us to arrange cancellation procedures and domestic shipping.


Ready to start shopping?

With help from ZenMarket, you can order from virtually any Japanese online store (with a few exceptions), and we will deliver to almost anywhere in the world! 

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About ZenMarket Japan

Most Japanese online retailers don’t ship internationally, but we solve this problem. We buy, consolidate and ship Japanese goods to your address. Our goal is to make buying Japanese goods online as smooth as possible. We have integrated the biggest Japanese online shopping websites: Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo! Auctions. You can also make purchases from any other Japanese online shop or auction with us. Just add an item URL from the desired product page to the cart and place the order. 

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Article| 05/04/2019 | quizanniversary