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Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket?

Do you fancy yourself an expert on using our service? Or maybe you just want to see how much you actually know about our shipping costs, service fees and more. Either way, this quiz will determine, once and for all, how much you really know about using ZenMarket!

Which of the following payment methods can you use on ZenMarket?
Where does ZenMarket NOT ship to?
How does ZenPlus (previously ZenMarketPlace) differ from ZenMarket?
How can you check the condition of your item when it reaches the warehouse?
How many days can you store your item at our warehouse free of charge?
We offer a reinforcement service to strengthen your parcel for fragile and valuable items. How much does it cost?
We offer a photo service for your items. How many photos do we take and how much does it cost?
How much does shipping insurance cost?
Which of the following is true about cancellations?

Article| 04/04/2019 | quizanniversary