We're glad to reveal that you can now pre-order the '4th Muster Happy Ever After' DVD by BTS via Korea Trade's official international store on ZenMarketPlace. 'Muster' is the name of the BTS annual meeting. The 4th Muster took place earlier this year on January 13th and 14th at the Gocheok Sky Dome (a domed baseball stadium located in Gocheok-dong, Seoul, South Korea). All of the memorable moments from the magical event were filmed so you can enjoy over 4 hours of concert and backstage footage from your living room. Take a look at the preview video below.

The '4th Muster Happy Ever After' DVD version includes an outbox, 3 discs, a photo book (about 144 photos), a postcard and a photo card. The Blu-ray version comes with a 16-page photo book and exclusive BTS stickers. If you pre-order the DVD version with ZenMarketPlace you will also receive an exclusive BTS poster, as well as all the other goodies.

The outer and inner box of BTS 4th Muster Happy Ever After DVD

The Design of the three discs for BTS 4th Muster

The Tracklisting is as follows:

DISC 01: BTS 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After]
[PART 1]

  • VCR: Curious Incident in ARMY BOMB
  • 24/7=heaven
  • Like It pt.1 + pt.2
  • Talk
  • Talk: Army Night Memory
  • Talk: The Best Stage Costume
  • I NEED U
  • VCR: The Best Stage Costume
  • Come Back Home
  • No More Dream
  • MIC Drop
  • VCR: ARMY BOMB, in Trouble

DISC 02: BTS 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After]
[PART 2]

  • Talk: Inside Out
  • Talk
  • 21 Century Girl
  • Go Go Go
  • DNA
  • VCR: Guardians of the ARMY BOMB
  • Pied Piper
  • Talk
  • Best Of Me
  • VCR: Ending Credit
  • MD & Poster Shooting Making Film


  • Practice & Rehearsal Making Film
  • VCR Shooting Making Film
  • D-day Making Film


Not only do you get over 4 hours of concert and backstage footage you get over 144 photos of all of your favourite BTS members.

BTS 4th Muster Happy Ever After Photobook and photo examples

BTS 4th Muster Happy Ever After Postcard and photo cards

Please keep in mind that there is also a BluRay version that comes with a 16-page photo book and stickers, you can preorder it here. There is also a Japan exclusive edition that will be available via our service soon, to keep with the latest ZenMarket news you can register for our newsletters, here. We also have loads of other Kpop merch from all your favourite artists and groups, click the banner below to see what we have to offer. 

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Article| 19/10/2018 | MusicPop culture