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Comiket Ultimate Guide: Touhou Project

Fans from all around the globe gather twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight to participate in the biggest doujin fair in the world at Comiket. Comiket, or also known as Comic Market, is a biannual event taking place in mid-August and the end of December, in Tokyo, Japan. Touhou Project' designer, programmer, scriptwriter, and composer, ZUN officially licenses this Touhou Project dominated event.


Comiket has always been a place for fan-made works, be it comics or games, there's a place for any creator. At Comic Market, upcoming artists trade and sell their original works, which could be anything from CDs, figurines, games, to even dakimakuras. Most of these works are fan-made goods based on Touhou Project, Kantai Collection, or Idolm@ster. The event is divided by three main topics to cover the three (now four) consecutive days it is on.

Every Comiket event attracts more than 500,000 visitors, and more fans attend every year. Many of which, show their love for their favorite Touhou Project characters by cosplaying as them. From Marisa and Reimu to Sakuya, we will be surprised if you can't find anyone cosplaying as your favorite character at Comic Market.

Touhou Project cosplayers at comic market in Tokyo

Apart from the excitement of being around like-minded fans, you'll be able to watch featured presentations with guest stars. You may even be able to get the latest inside information on all the latest Touhou Project games, anime, and release dates.

If you're not one for presentations, there's still a lot more to do. You can spend hours browsing hundreds of doujinshi booths selling Touhou Project keychains, badges, figures, and everything else that you may want or collect. For us, the best thing about it is meeting your favorite artists and talking to them.

Touhou Project fan with doujinshi at comiket

As Doujinshi items are not for sale at regular Japanese commercial stores, it can be quite a challenge getting your hands on their material. Many of the manga artists we know and love today, were doujinshi authors before they got big. There are several exciting doujinshi manga artists groups and solo writers such as Shun Saeki from Food Wars! Who would want to miss out on some of these rare spin-offs and adaptions from the top upcoming manga minds of Japan?

Touhou Doujinshi goods available on ZenPlus

Luckily, you're able to get the latest Touhou Project doujinshi goods through our store on ZenPlus. You can even get your hands on items sold at Comiket without attending. How cool is that? 


Shop Doujinshi Touhou Project Goods

So, that's our Comiket Ultimate Guide on the Touhou Project. If you can't make up your mind about what goods to get yourself, a friend or a loved one, then why not check out our 7 Must-Have Touhou Project Merch blog post?

Which Touhou Project item is on your most wanted list? Let us know through our social networks below. Even if we don't have it on our ZenPlus Doujinshi store, we might be able to ask them to upload it for you. We can't wait to hear from you all.


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Article| 15/08/2019 | zenplusgamingToys