Otamatone: The Strange Japanese Instrument

When the Otamatone was first released, the world was seduced by its innovative design and unique sound. In the years that followed, new versions emerged including different sizes and a special models, but the basic winning formula remained unchanged.

Otamatone range

What is the Otamatone?

The Otamatone is an electronic musical instrument and was developed by Maywa Denki and Cube in 1998. It can be played by pressing the sides of the mouth and sliding your finger along the neck. The volume and octave can be adjusted using the buttons on the back of the Otamatone’s head.

Kirby Otamatone

 New Special Version: Kirby

Maywa Denki and Cube have released a special pink Kirby version of the Otamatone. 

Where to find this version?

The Kirby Otamatone along with many other versions/colors are now available on ZenMarketPlace.




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Article| 14/05/2018 |