5 Different Types of Bento

What's a bento?

Bento is a Japanese term to define a meal or snack to take away, presented in a box. Often prepared very early in the morning before work or the evening before. They are an integral part of everyday Japanese and are currently popular throughout the world.


The worker's meal is often a bento prepared as home, but you can find it everywhere, convenience store, specialized store and often small temporary stand open for an hour or two at noon.

What's in a bento?

Although it is prepared in a single box, it is generally very balanced and can contain a complete meal. We usually find 40% of rice, 30% of meat, or fish, the rest is generally composed of vegetable, tsukemono (accompaniment for rice( and sometimes some pieces of fruit. Some types of bento Eki-ben or "bento station" are meal trays available in train stations and trains, nothing exceptional you say, but they are very popular. They are even sought after because many cities offer different ingredients based on local specialties. 

Here are some different bentos you can find in Japan:


1. The Eki-ben


Eki-Ben The eki-ben or "bento station" are the meal trays available in train stations and trains, nothing exceptional you say, but yet they are very popular, even sought after because many cities offer preparations based local specialties.


2. Chara-ben


Chara-ben or Character-bento consists of an elaborate bento where the different ingredients are used to represent people, characters or animals. The original purpose of the gibberish was to provide the children with amusing visuals to interest them in food. Nowadays, these achievements give rise to national competitions where the most creative make meals as delicious for the eyes as the taste buds. 

3. Shikaeshi-bento

Some Japanese women who are unhappy with the behavior of their husbands or their children make it known as a "bento of revenge" shikaeshi-bento. Uncooked rice, a curse written with nori leaves, sausage representing a cut finger or simply tasting vulgar.



4.Aisai Bento


Aisai bento is a special lunch for her husband or children to be taken to work or school. Similarly, young women in relationships sometimes prepare a handmade bento for their significant other during the spring season. 


5. My Bento



 There's nothing better than a bento made and prepared at home with fresh ingredients. 


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Article| 08/05/2018 | Japanese Culture