What are Nanoblocks?

Do you love to follow instructions and build things? For some of us, it is easier to follow directions to construct Japanese castles or other monumental buildings, rather than creating them from our imagination. While Lego may be great for this, their larger kits can leave a deep hole in your pocket.


Nanoblock has lots of architectural sets at low prices from the skyline of London and New York to Neuschwanstein Castle. You can build the whole building without breaking your bank.



Living up to its name, Nanoblock, are tiny construction blocks. Each block is the size of 4x4x5mm, which can be quite challenging to hold, let alone build a masterpiece with. However, with careful hands and paying attention to detail, you can build your favorite buildings and characters without taking much space up in your house. The instructions included in the box aren't as detailed as Lego instructions, but for us, this adds to the challenge. If you do lose a block, don't worry; each set comes with extra pieces. If you don't lose any blocks, you can use these additional blocks to build add-ons to your creation. Nanoblocks are for adults who want to relieve everyday stress by building. Although they are trendy in Japan, they are still not as famous overseas. Perhaps this is because of the lack of sets found abroad. Nanoblocks has collaborated with several characters and brands, including; Rilakkuma, Be@rbrick, Pokemon, Street Fighter, and many more.


Here are all the different series Nanoblock current has. Which one interests you the most?


Basic Series

Have you been building and taking apart your Nanoblocks with just your fingers? Sometimes, it is difficult to place a brick precisely with shaky hands. And taking the blocks apart can be a real pain if you don't have any nails. This is where Nanoblock's basic series comes in to help. With official Nanoblock tools designed to make building easier. We recommend you get some of these essentials only if you plan on nanoblocking a lot. Our favorite current items from this series are the official pliers and the block pad. Purely for the fact of making the building more comfortable.


nanoblocks basic series


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Mini Collection Series

The Mini Collection Series includes designs of famous characters, buildings, musical instruments, and seasonal themes, with all sets having about 80 to 150 blocks.


Rilakkuma, Pichu, Himeji Castle nanoblocks

Rilakkuma, Pichu, Himeji castle


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Sights to See Series

The Sights to See Series includes designs of famous landmarks, buildings, and historical items with all sets having about 200 to 600 blocks.


Sights to See nanoblock series

Tokyo Tower, Kaminarimon, Merlion


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Advanced Hobby Series

The Advanced Hobby series is similar to Sights to See but on a much larger scale with over 2000 blocks.


Advanced Hobby Series nanoblocks

Sagrada Familia, Five-storied Pagoda, Taj Mahal 


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Character Series

Build your favorite characters from micro-sized building blocks. From Evangelion and Pokemon to Disney characters, there's something for anyone. These are a great birthday or Christmas gift for a special someone or even yourself (we won't judge you). Which one floats your boat?

Character Series nanoblocks

Doraemon, Evangelion, Miku


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NanoGauge Series

NanoGauge is the evolutionary step of Nanoblocks. With NanoGauge, you can control different electric trains, including the Shinkansen bullet train, all built in a cute Nanoblock signature style.

You can build the train from scratch, and place your Nanoblock buildings around the tracks for a great visual experience. If you're a Nanoblock fan and want to display your builds artistically, then this is a must. 


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