TOP 10 best things to collect in Japan

Want to start collecting something, but not sure what exactly?

In this review, we will introduce 10 popular Japanese things among collectors around the world.



#BE@RBRICK vador - japanese proxy service - zenmarket#BE@RBRICK - japanese proxy service - zenmarket#BE@RBRICK purple- japanese proxy service - zenmarket

What is BE@RBRICK?

BE@RBRICK is toy, manufactured by MEDICOM TOY company.

The concept of BE@RBRICK was developed in 2001 year in Japan, when all of the world was celebrating 100 anniversary year of the Teddy bear.

This concept is "to make a Teddy Bear with digital (futuristic image)", and this is how bear-like block figure BE@RBRICK was born.

The main feature of the toy is that it consists of 9 separate parts, and is designed by simple priniting only.

The toy soon gained great popularity, and got to make numerous collaborations with famous Japanese, as well as foreign artists, brands, movies, anime and so on.

You can search for BE@RBRICK on:



-Yahoo! Auction

If you cant find the BE@RBRICK you want, please contact our Customer Support, and they will help you to find it.


2. #Gundam

Gundam - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

What is Gundam?

Gundam are plastic models of the robots from multimedia franchise Gundam.

They are mostly produced by Bandai, and have a large fanbase both inside the country, and overseas.

You can search for the Gundam plastic models:

-on Rakuten

-on Amazon

-on Bandai

If you cant find Gundam model you want, please contact our Customer Support, and they will help you to find it.


3. #OnePiece

One piece nami - japanese proxy service - zenmarketOne piece Robin - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

One Piece is famous Japanese manga and anime series.

It is/was easily one of the most popular manga series in Japan.

Nowadays, they sell a lot of various goods, connected with One Piece.

If you are One Piece fan, or if you wish to collect One Piece-themed items, please search it:



-Yahoo Shopping

We have a lot of other store, featured on our website.

Other stores


4. #MiniCarModels

Mini Car model red - japanese proxy service - zenmarketMini Car model green - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Rare and limited edition car models are very popular among collectors.

Please, purchase on:



Yahoo! Auction

- In other stores


5. #Bishojo figures

Bishojo - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Bishoujo means "beautiful girl" in Japanese.

Bishoujo figures are usually heroine of the famous anime, manga, game or other media.

You can purchase bishoujo figurine from various websites:


- Amazon

- Surugaya

- Animate

Or other stores


6. #Nendoroid

nendoroid- japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Nendoroid is a figurine Series, produced by Good Smile Company.

The main features of the figure are:

- It is deformed so, that its head is almost same size as the body.

- It is highly moveable, with numerous possible variations for outfit and face.

You can purchase various famous characters in the cute Nendoroid version.

At the moment, there are about 600 different types of the Nendoroid figures, which makes it very appealing for the collectors.

Please, purchase cute Nendoroid here:

- Rakuten

- Amazon

- Yahoo! Shopping

Or ask customer support to help you.


7. #Fan goods

fan goods - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

You can purchase a variety of fan goods of your favourite bands, artist, idol etc in Japan.

The popular choices are Scandal, AKB48 and other.

The fan goods might be T-shirt, photo collection, bags, accessory.

It is easy to use our site for searching fan goods of your liking, although you can do it through third-party site as well, and add to the link to ZenMarket later.

- Search Rakuten through ZenMarket

- Search Amazon through ZenMarket

- Search in Other stores


8. Japanese Army Medals

Japanese Arme medals - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Japanese Old Army Medals are another popular choices among the collector from all over the world.

They are very beautiful, and many of them are rare and valuable.

Nowadays, you can easily find very rare medals at Yahoo! Auctions for a reasonable price.

- Search Yahoo! Auctions for Army Medals

If you copy and paste the link of item in ZenMarket search field, you will be able to see translated description of the item, as well as various important information about it.


9. #G-shock

G-shock  - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Casio's G-Shock series are well-known and popular among watch-lovers and collectors all over the world.

Their collection is updated every month, and there are also a lot of limited version models, so it is best to purchase them straight from Japan.

- GA-100CF-1A9JF


- GWG-1000-1A3JF

- Other G-Shock models on Rakuten

- Other G-Shock models on Amazon

- G-Shock in Other stores


For ladies, we recommend Baby-G Series.

G-shocks ladies - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Baby-G Tripper Solar MSG-3200C-4BJF


- Other Baby-G models on Rakuten

- Other Baby-G models on Amazon


10. #JapaneseFountainPens

Japanese Fountain Pens - japanese proxy service - zenmarket

Japanese Fountain Pens are renowned for their extraordinary quality, and beautiful design.

That is why many fountain pen collectors from abroad value Japan-made fountain pens over any other.

We recommend Nakaya Fountain Pen, because in our opinion, it one of the best fountain pen manufacturers out there.

Nakaya's selection

- Other fountain pens on Rakuten

- On Amazon


Article| 11/11/2016 | Toys/Game