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Collaborations are becoming more and more popular because of the exclusivity and anticipation it brings. The most well-known collaborations in Japan are anime and character collaboration merchandise - bringing everyday items of your favorite anime and characters! However, many of these items are limited to Japan only and do not ship to other countries. This is where ZenMarket comes in - we help you buy and ship your rare items from Japan with ease and great service. So don't be disappointed that you can't buy your only in-Japan Pokemon Watch, use ZenMarket to get your hands on all Japanese anime collaboration merchandise. 

As it is very difficult to find collaboration goods if you do not know Japanese, here is a list of some top sites that offer anime collaboration goods and character collaboration goods in Japan with different categories.

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Fan Fun Market (Jewelry)

Fan Fun Market offers affordable jewelry collaboration merchandise like bracelets, rings, and necklaces with popular anime and characters. The most well-known ones are Demon Slayer, Evangellion, Conan, Hello Kitty, Rilaakkuma, and more. The designs are simple and not too fancy.

GIV Store (Jewelry)

GIV Store is another online store that sells collaboration jewelry items with popular characters and anime. The designs are extricated and you can choose the affordable version or the expensive 18k version. Many of the styles resemble the anime or characters in detail. Their Pokemon collection and Disney collection are must-have collectibles for fans. 

Pokemon x GIV Store Jewelry
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Time Time (Watches)

Time Time is an online watch seller with famous Japanese watch brands like Seiko and Casio, as well as other watch brands such as Citizen and Wired. You would be surprised by how many collaborations there are for watches! Including Pokemon, Disney, Conan, Sanrio, Evagelion, Naturo and so many more. Own a timeless piece of accessory with your favorite anime or character.  

Arma Bianca (Anime Collaboration Merchandise)

Arma Bianca has a wide range of Anime Collaboration Merchandise. You can find all kinds of collaboration merchandise divided by categories here. There is fashion, musical instruments, books, CDs, and even jewelry. On the Arma Bianca site you can find news and products based on the collaborated anime or Japanese artists or brands. Amnibus by Arma Bianca is an extension shop of Arma Bianca.


Super Groupies (Fashion)

Super Groupies is an apparel brand that sells modern and stylish fashion pieces that subtly reveal collaboration themes. So fans can be subtle about their favorite anime but still own fashionable collectibles. For example, can you guess which anime these items collaborated with? 

Answer: Natsume's Book of Friends!

Answer: Idol Master!

Answer: Of course, Hatsune Miku!

Honeys (Fashion)

Honeys is an affordable women's fashion brand in Japan. They also have a special section for collaboration goods where there are new fashion items regularly with characters, for instance, Miffy, Sanrio, Disney, Moomin, and Peanuts. Besides clothing, there are also everyday items like bags, handkerchiefs, and accessories. 

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World Online Store (Fashion and Character Goods)

World Online Store is a massive select shop online that provides all ranges of fashion and lifestyle goods. In their collaboration section, they often have really cute daily goods and fashion items with characters like Miffy, Disney, Sanrio, and Snoopy. They even had a Pokemon collaboration but unfortunately, it is all sold out now. 

BunBoGu Cafe Goods Online (Stationary)

Bun Bo Gu (文房具) means stationary in Japanese. As its name says, BunBoGu Cafe Goods Online sells stationary collaborated with popular animes like Tokyo Revengers, Conan, Jujutsu kaisen, My Hero Academia, and more. The store mostly offers miscellaneous items like stickers sets, letter sets, tapes, pins etc.  


Kutani Iwataya (Japanese Ceramics)

Kutani Iwataya is a Japanese ceramic seller who offers traditional ceramics (九谷焼) made by different Japanese artisans. They have beautiful ceramics as well as a special character collection that mixes modern and traditional styles. The series includes popular characters like Miffy, Pokemon, Doraemon, and Snoopy. 

Masuza (Japanese Wooden Box 枡)

Masuza is a workshop for producing "Masu", a square wooden box used for measuring rice during the feudal period. Now Masu is mainly used for drinking sake (Japanese wine) or gifts for special occasions like weddings and company events. The store offers customized designs for personal use as well as these special character collaborations. 

Sanrio Anime Store (Sanrio Collaboration Goods) 

Sanrio Anime Store, as its name, sells Sanrio crossover Anime goods. Their collaborations include Bleach, Dr. Stone, A3!, and more. Satisfying fans who like both Sanrio characters and Japanese anime!

Cocollabo (Anime Pop-Up Store Merchandise)

Not exactly collaboration but Cocollabo is an e-commerce site that sells anime merch and provides anime news like updates on Anime Pop-Up Stores. 



Other Sites For Collaboration News & Updates

Besides the above online stores where you can purchase collab goods in Japan, also check out these sites for the newest updates on any upcoming collaborations in Japan.

  • Collabo Cafe (All Collaboration News on Anime, Games and Movies)
    Collab cafe
  • Comic Natalie (Anime Collaboration News)
    Comic Natalie
  • Charalab (Anime & Character Collaboration Goods Updates)
  • Cocotte (Cosmetic Collaborations)
    Besides from collaboration cosmetics, you can also check out the latest Japanese trends in different categories like fashion, lifestyle, and gourmet. Cocotte Site


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