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Pokémon Pikachu Illustrator Card sells for over $772,000 [New Record]

Casual Pokemon fans and collectors alike have probably heard of the famous Pokemon Illustrator card.

One such card was sold on our platform in 2020 for a whopping ¥25,000,000—which came to $233,000 at the time!



In 2022 we have beaten that total, with another such card sold on our platform for ¥98,000,000—coming to $772,000! This is the highest amount in the Japanese trading card market to date.

Gif of Pikachu doing a peace sign and smiling

The seller in both instances was Pokemonmania on our ZenPlus marketplace.

Approximately two weeks after the purchase, the card arrived safely to its new owner in Hong Kong.

Pokemon Illustrator cards were given as prizes in the "Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest" held by Korokoro Comic in 1998, and only 39 cards were given out in total. It is said that only about 10 cards remain in circulation, making it extraordinarily rare.


Pokemon Illustrator card that sold for 7.7 million dollars in 2022


Pokemon cards were first sold in 1996 and their popularity has stayed strong to the present day. In Japan, Pokemon cards have seen a renewed boom in popularity since around 2018, with many YouTubers spreading their enthusiasm for the game. The game is not only popular with children but also with adults.

In addition to Japanese, the cards have been translated to English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and more! The renewed popularity of Pokemon cards can be seen in many regions.

As a result, there are enthusiastic collectors all over the world, and rare cards can sell for surprisingly high prices. Event-based cards such as the Pokemon Illustrator cards which were produced in very small numbers can be expected to be traded at even higher prices in the future.


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Article| 24/06/2022 | pokemon cardsPokemon